Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Naya Pakistan Housing Program Project


Kingdom valley A modern residential community is growing next to twin cities. The site is close to International Airport in Islamabad, and the Srinagar Expressway is only fifteen minutes away from this Society. Moreover, Kingdom Group’s most outstanding achievement is Kingdom Valley. The New Pakistan Residential Project aims to elevate this Society. Builders are committed to providing exceptional expertise and assistance in the property field at low prices.

In addition, this inexpensive housing option provides housing projects at reasonable prices. Moreover, Ghulam Hussain Shahid, the CEO, is the fantastic individual who initiated the idea. The builder intends to establish cutting-edge architecture and well-thought-out community amenities to use valued inhabitants. In addition, the initiative is the most notable and advantageous business hub with an urbanized approach and the most recent development shift. In addition, the plan delivers a safe, tranquil, and modern outlook. Therefore, the project has a valid certificate of no objection because it is part of the New Pakistan Residential Scheme. Moreover, in addition to its superior facilities and amenities, the property’s accessibility at a discounted price increases its desirability.

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    Kingdom Valley Owner & Developers:

    The Kingdom Valley owner and Developer Ghulam Hussain Shahid is pleased to be the proprietor and builder of this home complex near Islamabad. He is the valley project’s CEO and owner. Moreover, he is renowned for his development initiative of construction throughout Pakistan. The proprietor and builder are lucky to have established a solid reputation in the property industry. The well-trained crew has carried out the condominium complex structure with complete devotion. The company comprises architects, builders, maintenance workers, managers, and administrators. The team is currently working intensively to produce a flawless piece of art.   In addition, the purpose of this Society is to improve and transform the living relationship towards an innovative and discerning way of life. Mr Ghulam is mindful of the futuristic and affluent lifestyle. In addition, the staff is committed to providing excellent customer service and comprehensive consulting.

    New City Paradise Location Map


    The kingdom valley Islamabad location & Map is the most significant factor in why investors and tenants decide to purchase in this Society. The justification is that the area provides a feeling of safety. In addition, the accessibility to daily necessities is tremendous. However, before committing to a purchase, customers must verify that the Society’s placement is approachable from the city’s central districts. The Society site lies in an attractive location adjacent to Islamabad. The Society has situated close to the Chakri Junction leading to the  M-2  Isb-Lhr Motorway. The scheme’s position makes it a premier project in Islamabad. In addition, it is around five kilometres from the Rawalpindi Roundabout. The Society has a famous residential Society in Bahria Town, the DHA, and The  International Airport in Islamabad. The housing project is reachable via multiple roads in the twin cities, notably Rawalpindi Cadet Academy and Thalian Junction.

    Accessible Sites

    There are many routes from which buyers can access Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

    • The Society lies in M 2 Isb-Lhr Motorway.
    • Five minutes take to Chakri Road.
    • Twenty-Five minutes only to go to International Airport Islamabad.
    • Twenty-Five minutes journey to get to Adiala Road
    • Twenty-Six minutes by car Rawat-Chakbeli Lane.

    Neighbouring locality

    This residential community in Islamabad has much to offer just because of its placement. Inhabitants of twin cities favour a property with important sites close to the Society.

    • Capital Smart City
    • Mumtaz city
    • Blue world city
    • Bharia town
    • DHA
    • Cadet Academy Rawalpindi


    Kingdom Valley NOC

     With Kingdom Valley NOC clearance under the New Pakistan Housing Project, This Society is a legitimate housing development. Additionally, the authorization had granted under DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.  Furthermore, considering that it is a Ghulam Hussain development with a stellar reputation, the residential development had no trouble getting the NOC. The NOC clearance is crucial because it certifies that the product is secure enough to attract investment. Furthermore, since the Society is approved, experts anticipate a rise in plot prices soon because of rising property values. Irrespective of one’s existence, The Societ guarantees to tailor personal needs and wants, delights into a unified approach, and gives people the right home for compassion dwelling. Because highly qualified architects and designers are developing it, this effort distinguishes out in the construction sector. As a reason, the legitimacy of Society is undeniable since buyers have complete confidence in property using their hard-earned income once it has been determined to be authentic.

    Kingdom Valley Islamabad Master Plan

    The Society master plan has been accomplished at the state level. As a result, the complete expansion of the community has extended over a territory of fifteen thousand Kanal. In addition, the project’s plots are very reasonably priced and comprise domestic, industrial, and lavish farmhouses and mansions.

    The grand design for the condominium complex also includes a high-end, world-class infrastructure building, amusement parks, cutting-edge medical clinics, and other conveniences. Additionally, we strongly urge individuals to invest money into Society for the lucrative investment and ideal dwelling. The administration and builders also keep up with the most recent ideas for expansion and a high standard of living. Similarly, the developers picked a desirable location and employed skilled designers, engineers, and technicians to translate a fantastic concept into a stunning reality optimally. The ongoing synchronization and innovative features link to the change and increase in variety. From this point on, improved architecture and innovative plans did make using top-notch tactics and techniques. The Kingdom Valley Payment Plans are very feasible and affordable for its customers. The housing programme offers many properties with a very reasonable payment schedule in instalments. For example, the four-year instalment plans or forty monthly instalments, or customers can include eight biannual instalments for further comfort.

    Additionally, individuals are required to contribute a deposit based on the allotment size and voting fee. As a result, the outstanding sum is due in instalments. Additionally, the costs start at PKR 975,000 and can reach PKR 13,000,000.

    Kingdom Valley Blocks

    Society has different blocks to fulfil the demands of its customers. The builder of Society’s main plan is to provide its residents with extravagant living. However, a safe and clean environment is a right of every citizen in a reasonable price bracket.

    • Residential Block
    • Kingdom Villas
    • Kingdom Heights
    • Kingdom Apartments
    • Executive Block
    • Overseas Executive Block
    • Farmhouse Block
    • Commercial Block

    Kingdom Valley Islamabad Residential Block

    The residential Block is a particular block which only offers accommodation properties. However, the Block has many amenities and conveniences for the inhabitants. In addition, different-sized plots are available depending on the needs and budget situation of the family. As a result, the residential Block makes it completely practical for the inhabitants to live there, and the neighbourhood provides a convenient financing plan. The residential properties in the Society have different dimension plots.

    • Five Marlas
    • Seven Marlas
    • Eight Marlas
    • Ten Marlas
    • One Kanal
    • Two Kanal

    Kingdom Valley Residential Block Payment Plan

    The five marlas plot total price is 1,245,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 125,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 50,000/-PKR, or forty-eight monthly instalments are 13,000 rupees.

    The seven marlas plot total price is 1,700,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 185,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 75,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 15,000 rupees.

    The eight marlas plot total price is 1,850,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 250,000/-. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 81,250/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 19,125 rupees.

    The ten marlas plot total price is 2,150,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 215,000/-. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 81,875/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 22,000 rupees.

    The one Kanal plot’s total price is 3,500,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 350,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 175,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 30,000 rupees.

    Kingdom Villa

    The architects meticulously built the villas in the residential development to comfort the occupants. An effort called The Kingdom Villas seeks to elevate the standard of affluent living in Islamabad. Additionally, it is an excellent location for those looking to construct gorgeous mansions. It also meets expectations by ranking among the best places for shopping, entertainment, and comfort. The villa’s appeal has increased by the presence of amusement parks, bookstores, civic centres, and enormous beautiful Mosques that may meet all of its resident’s social demands. The beautiful villas are.

    • 3.5 Marlas
    • 5 Marlas

    Kingdom Villas Payment Plan

    • The five marlas plot total price is 3,000,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 250,000/-. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 150,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 18,750 rupees.

      The 3.5 marlas plot total price is 2,400,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 200,000/-. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 120,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 15,471 rupees.

    Kingdom Heights

    Kingdom Heights is a massive initiative of this Society that will provide all shareholders with the ideal living environment. Additionally, this development will be environmentally friendly and offer many facilities, including stores, a gymnasium, terrace eateries, garages, and pools. The builders’ emphasis on security measures to give all shareholders health and wellness is another excellent feature. So, this splendid venture will soon be available to assist shareholders.

    Kingdom Apartments

    A further upcoming building, Kingdom Apartment, provides sustainable living conditions to all its tenants and buyers. Additionally, this development’s architecture will be beautiful because of the usage of Italian stone. There will also be a tonne of amenities like a gymnasium, a swimming area, stores, restaurants, cutting-edge sanitization technology, and unbreakable protection. All of these services will be reasonably priced.

    Kingdom Valley Executive Block

    The Executive Block allows its tenants to lead extravagant and privileged lives. It provides several commercial and residential plots. Additionally, this block capability will be helpful for Pakistani living in another country. The assets in this Block are

    • Three and Half Marlas
    • Six Marlas
    • Ten Marlas
    • One Kanals

    The business properties may also find in this Block for the residents’ comfort. These assets are in ideal vicinity and offer many amenities to the shareholders. The property’s dimensions are

    • Four Marlas
    • Eight Marlas

    Kingdom Valley Islamabad Executive Block Residential Plots Payment Plans

    The 3.5 marlas plot total price is 750,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 75,000/-. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 43,250/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 5,250 rupees.

    The six marlas plot total price is 1,075,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 129,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 43,250/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 8,500 rupees

    The ten marlas plot total price is 1,700,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 170,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 74,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 14,700 rupees

    The One Kanal plot’s total price is 2,700,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 270,000/-. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 120,750/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 24,100 rupees.

    Kingdom Valley Islamabad Executive Block Commercial Plots Payment Plans

    The four marlas commercial plot’s total price is 4,700,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 705,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 199,375/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 40,000 rupees

    The eight-marlas commercial plot’s total price is 9,000,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 1,350,000/-Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 39/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 80,000 rupees

    Kingdom Valley Overseas Executive Block

    This Block offers more amenities and services than the other apartment complexes. Pakistanis also desire to reside in secure residences with first-rate conveniences. Furthermore, it is an enduring habit for Pakistanis living abroad to live in homes with the best amenities and a safe environment. The available assets’ dimensions are

    • Eight Marlas
    • Twelve Marlas
    • Sixteen Marlas

    Kingdom Valley Overseas Executive Payment Plans

    The management has closed the booking of plots of Overseas Executive Block. In addition, for the latest news, visit the official website of kingdom valley or contact Meta Marketing.


    The eight marlas plot’s total price is 1,500,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 150,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 60,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 18,000 rupees

    The twelve marlas plot’s total price is 2,100,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 210,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 90,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 23,625 rupees

    The sixteen marlas plot’s total price is 2,800,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 280,000/-. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 120,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 31,500 rupees

    Kingdom Valley Farmhouses Block

    Psychological stress can be brought on by leading a hectic and noisily repetitive existence. Moreover, one occasionally wants to live in a peaceful and tranquil environment to respite from this wildlife. Similarly,  Farm House is a setting where individuals can openly admire the beauty of nature and enjoy profligacy. The constructor also organizes establishing the farmhouse to meet the high demand. The farmhouse is now situated in the peaceful, central region of the design, as in an ideal world. It also includes a charming flow of water next to and covers the development’s natural setting. Owners could also picture themselves living in expansive farmhouses, leading a tranquil and easygoing lifestyle. The beautiful and spacious farmhouse dimensions are

    • Two Kanal
    • Four Kanal
    • Eight Kanal

    Farmhouse Payment plan

    The two Kanal plot’s total price is 4,000,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 400,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 200,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 35,000/- rupees

    The four Kanal plot’s total price is 7,500,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 750,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 350,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 58,750/- rupees

    The eight Kanal plot’s total price is 13,000,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 1,300,000/-. Additionally, the eight-biannual instalments are Rs 637,500/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 120,000/- rupees

    Kingdom Valley Islamabad Commercial Block


    Every community uses a marketplace to serve its citizens best. Commercial plots present an excellent possibility for buyers wishing to put money into a risk-free and stable real estate investment. Additionally, the values of properties are rising quickly for the commercial property areas along Main Avenue now that the programme has received its NOC certification. Homeowners of every Block also easily access local markets and businesses through the marketing framework and district. The premier business district lies on the main entrance to the valley. Additionally, although the neighbourhood has easy access to busy roads like Circle Road and Chakri Avenue, numerous areas have been designated for this use. The fantastic property in the Commercial Blocks are

    • Two Marlas
    • Four Marlas
    • Eight Marlas

    Commercial Payment Plans

    The two Marlas plot’s total price is 2,200,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 300,000/-. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 50,000/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 33,750/- rupees.

    The four Marlas plot’s total price is 4,500,000/- PKR, with a deposit of Rs 650,000/-. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 118,750/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 60,000/- rupees.

    The Eight Marlas plot’s total price is 8,500,000/- PKR, with Rs 1,200,000/-deposit. The eight-biannual instalments are Rs 237,500/-PKR; forty-eight monthly instalments are 1,14,600/- rupees.

    Documents Mandatory For Booking

    The developers of Society have tried their best to make the procedure legal and straightforward. However, customers must submit their personal information with documents and the application.

    • Photocopy of CNIC
    • Next-to-kin CNIC copy
    • New pictures of the buyers
    • Deposit the amount via interbank or cheque

    Development Work

    This property investment project is moving forward really quickly. Different agreements between corporations with the government to supply cutting-edge technology and high-end attractions within the programme have been noted by Society. Residents can also be particular that the project is moving forward quickly because it is a part of the New Pakistan Housing Department, which is legitimate and has the assistance and backing of the government. Additionally, issues frequently come from entities like the CDA or the RDA. However, the fact that the community records no problems should make the owners and inhabitants happy. In conclusion, the project will have finished because of the quick development speed. Lastly, Meta Marketing will update this information for its customers about any new progress in this residential initiative.

    Latest development

    According to the latest development :

    • Society developers have entirely built central Boulevard.
    • The stunning themed park already has an operation.
    • The construction of houses and villas has started.
    • The streets already have alloted the numbers.
    • The workforce worked vigorously to complete the project on time.

    Why invest in kingdom valley

    The modern phenomenon of staying in residential properties in Pakistan is becoming essential and tempting due to the various contemporary and opulent services given by the building plan management. The housing plan also gives people across all socioeconomic classes equal opportunities to better their life. Let’s examine some of the numerous factors that have led to the development of this Society and the reasons why you ought to consider investing in it.

    Ideal Vicinity

    The most significant factor affecting the price of the property is its locality. It is best to locate near the significant Chakri and Thalian junctions. It is connected to twin central city sections via the planned Rawalpindi Roundabout, maintaining its distance from the city’s hustle and bustle. Additionally, driving to the brand-new International Airport in Islamabad takes a short time. Therefore, one aspect of this housing design that makes it beneficial to invest in is its executive location. Furthermore, reaching the CPEC path, the expressway, and the upcoming international airport takes five to ten minutes. As a result, the quantity of these properties raises the worth of the project and the neighbourhood.

    Affordable Prices

    This apartment complex’s reasonable and affordable pricing dramatically contributes to the growth in activities. Putting your cash in this minimal cast housing building is also admirable. It provides a variety of standard property dimensions and a flexible financing schedule. Assets range in size between five Marlas to eight Kanal. Because the project fulfils residential and industrial demands, you can invest in the building that most closely matches your requirements. Additionally, the straightforward payment schedule makes it quite doable for prospective investors to take an interest in this housing programme.

    Sustainable Society

    Society benefits from a peaceful environment thanks to its natural setting. The project’s stunning views also offer a superb and distinctive living choice for those looking for a tranquil and calm ambience free of everyday life’s concerns and pressures.

    Provision of Essentials

    The far more amazing comfort has a steady supply of amenities like no power outrage, no load shedding of gas, and a continuous water supply. These conveniences are available every day of the week, round-the-clock. Additionally, there is a sound sewage system and waste handling plant. Additionally, the residential Society’s creators include a subterranean structured cabling system that guarantees there will not be any power loss issues.

    Trustworthy Investment

    Investment in this Society is risk-free and reliable. Additionally, it is a residential area constructed under the New Pakistan Housing scheme Initiative of ex-PM Imran Khan. It thus obtains government support, which leads to fewer legal issues and more aid from leading members in any situation.

    World-Class Infrastructure

    The infrastructure of Society is starting to develop exceptionally. The design also ensures that roads, walkways, planned buildings, and other fundamental foundations have developed using high-tech competence and cutting-edge techniques to provide the best possible growth. Additionally, the services of engineers and planners allow for infrastructure growth. While the designs are still in the construction and planning stages, they provide a dynamic gated neighbourhood.

    Pros & Cons

    Every Society has something people appreciate and are not fond of, and this Society has many pros which are blessing for the residents.


    • Lavish lifestyle
    • Proximity from major site
    • Availability of utilities
    • Academic institutes
    • Best medical care
    • Jamia Masjids
    • Efficient Management
    • Fast development
    • Theme parks


    • Lavish lifestyle
    • Proximity from major site
    • Availability of utilities
    • Academic institutes
    • Best medical care
    • Jamia Masjids
    • Efficient Management
    • Fast development
    • Theme parks

    Balloting Of Kingdom Valley

    The first balloting of kingdom valley Islamabad has done in the third week of November 2022. In addition, only General Block is eligible for balloting. All the processes will be computerized, and results will also share online.

    The balloting will consist of the general block plots of various dimension

    • Three and a half Marlas residential plots
    • Five Marlas residential plots
    • Eight Marlas residential plots
    • Ten Marlas residential plots
    • One Kanal residential plots

    Possession Of Kingdom Valley Islamabad General Block

    The block possession date will have announced soon. The developer did a market analysis and expected that the Block plots possession would have been handed in one or one and a half years.

    The development of the Block has near completion. The streets of the Block are currently developing. Furthermore, the levelling of plots has also started. The team works around the clock to complete the project as quickly as possible.

    Clauses for booking

    • A 10% surcharge applies to the total if someone needs a side plot, a plot facing a park, land with three free sides, or a plot close to a major road.
    • The financing plan is for prelaunch only; it will alter once construction work is underway.
    • The creators may change the pricing at any second without preceding notice.
    • Clients are only eligible for reservations if they submit all required paperwork.
    • The Housing plot only permits residential use, and disappointment in tolerating this constraint may cause the termination of reservations.

    File verification of Kingdom Valley

    File verification has several advantages. Thus do it swiftly to prevent any difficulty. Additionally, this is the most secure way of confirming, so start reading if you’re curious about looking at the society file.

    • Go to the Kingdom Valley Islamabad homepage.
    • From the menu bar, select Open File Validation.
    • A popup screen will pop up after clicking and requesting registration details. Add the current application number now.
    • The pertinent data will become visible on a new screen.
    • Additionally, it will display “No Results” if the submission number is incorrect.


    The Kingdom Valley lies in the prime location in the capital city and is adjacent to several notable sites. It also presents an excellent financial opportunity. Regarding its correlation with New Pakistan, Housing Complex has become one of the safest dwellings for permanent resident status and raising capital. Similarly, the neighbourhood in Islamabad offers its residents the best comforts and amenities to have a peaceful and happy life. Residents won’t experience any issues residing in this real estate property because it is a gorgeous housing property with first-rate conveniences and global criteria. Therefore, approach Meta Marketing and contact us if you want to purchase an excellent property on an affordable budget. Our real estate advisors will provide exceptional guidance to support customers in turning their desire into truth.


    Q1: Who owns the Society?

    A1: The great personality behind this project is Mr Ghulam Shahid Hussain.

    Q2: What kind of assets are attainable in this Society?

    A2: There are various types of assets on sale in Society, single-double-storey houses, condos, mansions, farmhouses, and industrial properties.

    Q3: What is the financing strategy of Society

    A3: The administration ensures that the customers can buy or invest in Society at a reasonable price. They also offer feasible instalments plans for the customers.

    Q4: is this a lucrative investment?

    A4: Yes, it is one of the most lucrative investments in the twin cities as the Society offers many services and all the convenience in one gated neighbourhood.

    Q5: How can someone find the best deal in this Society?

    A5: Meta Marketing assists many customers in finding the most lucrative deal in multiple Societies.