Blue World City Islamabad

A New Era of Modernization


Islamabad city’s most exclusive housing project is Blue World City. In addition, the BGC and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Firm are running on a significant project. The housing community lies on the Rawalpindi Circular Road and Chakri Junction. It is presently regarded as one of the inexpensive accommodation procedures in the area and has achieved much popularity from monetary experts.
Additionally, online instalment, online validation of the membership certificate, and request status. Many beautiful districts in this neighbourhood, including General Block, Overseas Block, and Blue Hills Country Farms, make up the division of this Society. The Blue World Economic District, the stunning Orbital Flats, reasonable Awami Villas, and the affordable Awami Residential Complex.
Right now it is one of the most affordable housing projects in the area and has become quite popular among investors. For those looking to invest in a high-investment-return residential scheme, then this is the best option.
Blue World City is also providing online services such as blue world city verification, Online Installment, Certificate of registration online Verification, and Application Status.
Blue World City Islamabad is divided into several Blocks such as General Block, Overseas Block, Blue Hills Country Farms, Awami Villas, Blue World Economic Zone, Orbital Apartments, and low-cost Awami Residential Complex.

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    BWC Owner & Developers:

    Blue Group of Companies is this magnificent housing Society developer. Saad Nazir is the proprietor of this Society. To ensure and carry out the guarantee of top-notch development. The BGC has also established an MOU with the well-known Chinese company SJ Municipal Engineering Company. The organization currently collaborates with several companies, enabling them to provide buyers with all available options. This firm involves obtaining a variety of services from a specific supplier. 

     It includes purchasing real estate, a plan, and development. In addition, large-scale public and private initiatives work correctly, and project authorities, and IT supportive services, including commercial media assistance, will be displayed. Additionally, the Group has grown into a retail segment within supermarkets and apparel companies. Due to their extensive service, they have built a strong user satisfaction core.

    Prevoius Projects of (BGC):

    PIA Co-operative Housing Society, Blue Town Sapphire residential development, Lahore Center Park, Blue Market, and Blue Innovations are just a few of Saad Nazir’s successful commercial and accommodation initiatives. However, BWC is the most significant modern private project supported by BGC. Blue Group of Companies also has a remarkably expanded portfolio of industries, including those listed below.

    • Blue Bricks
    • Palms Blue
    • SuperMart Blue
    • Blue Technologies
    • Blue Press
    • Brands District
    • Artimmix
    • Blue real estate Properties

    Blue World City Islamabad Location Map

    The location is typically the shareholder’s top priority when buying real estate. Area establishes the convenience of every necessity of the resident instead of characterizing the impression of protection. Before completing the prediction, a speculative should consider the pros and drawbacks of the neighbourhood surrounding the property. You’ll find the Blue World City Islamabad Location Map near the Chakri Junction on the main Chakri Highway. The construction is conveniently accessible from the M-2 Motorway. Furthermore, the project is not too far from the brand-new Islamabad Airport.


    It converts into a highly well-regarded project with a great atmosphere among investors and real estate agents. It offers a refined way of life apart from the unrest and buzz of the city. Society extension also delivers one of the nearest entrance places to twin cities. The Blue World City Islamabad stands out among Pakistan’s other neighbourhoods by concurrently marketing a calm, quiet, and abundant living environment to its residents, unlike any other private initiative advertised.

    Accessible Sites

    The prime placement of the Society is conveniently located through all the Chakri junctions heading toward Chakri Avenue, as shown on the map above. It is close to notable developments like spacious DHA and elegant Bahria Town Islamabad. The enterprise is thirteen minutes from the thoroughfare and thirty minutes from the Latest Islamabad Airport. Each person may easily comprehend the place. Residents may easily travel thirty minutes from the location to the twin cities. Moreover, the residents might travel forty to forty-five minutes to get to Grand Trunk road from the estate. The Administration intends to construct a route linking Bahria Town and the airport, cutting the distance between Society and the GT Highway and Islamabad Expressway even more.

    Blue World City Islamabad NOC


    Fortunately, the RDA has granted Blue World City Islamabad NOC per Ref Letter No. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. The neighbourhood received initial approval for about 427 Kanals of property on 2019 Feb, 19. Therefore, blue World City’s NOC position is now apparent. The Local Council accepted Blue World City’s NOC in 2021, 13 December. The Administration has agreed upon allocating authority between the RDA and the local council, which is a comfort for all parties involved in this residential complex. The NOCS of all accommodation societies must be granted by the local agency in Rawalpindi, according to the Local Authorities Ordinance 2021, which Governor Punjab authorized on 11 December 2021. Contrarily, Blue World City NOC is from the local council. Following the publication of Local Authorities Regulation 2021, Blue World City NOC has officially recognized. The cost of the allotment would rise much more following this news.

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    Blue World City Islamabad Master Plan

    BWC is systematizing to become a highly advanced metropolis. Without a doubt, this diversion will boost financial progress and improve the standard of living. Creative Features and Optimization are related across the project to deliver results. The precise methods, telltale symptoms of an advanced framework, and an unconventional and unique strategy. Consequently, the residents will live in a much more dominant setting. The builders formed an organization that would provide realistic and capable communal environments when they began the basic improvement technique for Society. The developers allocated the five thousand Kanal land, making this housing Society the most Spacious residential venture and very valuable. Moreover, The developers have divided the property into blocks. The project also has farmhouses and individual and industrial plots for sale in Blue World City.

    • Overseas Block
    • General Block
    • Waterfront Block
    • Executive Block
    • Orbital Apartments
    • Farm Houses Blue Hill
    • Awami Complex
    • Sports Valley Block
    • Hollywood Block

    Blue World City Overseas Block

    Following the proposed development, a few housing and business plots in the Overseas Block become available to buy according to a first among-equal prerequisite that all inhabitants be Pakistanis who do not at this time settle there. This Block’s intended audience is Pakistanis with dual citizenship or overseas visitors, as the name implies. Furthermore, Chakri Highway provides immediate access to the BWC Overseas Block. Additionally, the accommodation project will have access to Rawalpindi Roundabout, which in two additional years can directly connect with Motorway M-2. There are many beautiful plots for sale in this Block. Blue world City’s payment plan for this Block is also very reasonable. The blue world city 5 marla plot is the favourite dimension of the residence by the residents.

    Property in Overseas Block

    • Seven, Ten, Fourteen Marlas and One and Two Kanals Residential Assets
    • Five, Ten Marlas Commercial Plots


    The developers have positioned this Block on sunset avenue. This Block is just ten minutes from CPEC and twenty minutes from International Airport.

    Remarkable Features

    • Golf Club
    • Secured and Gated
    • Lagon Overseas Club
    • Masjids
    • Entry via E-tag
    • Parks and Recreational Areas

    Blue World City Ballotting & Possession of Overseas Block

    Participants who have made a 50percent of the total down payment on an Overseas Block plot are eligible to vote in this balloting. Voting privileges in the general Block are limited to those parties who have been reimbursed in full. However, no matter when they signed up, so long as they paid 90percent of the total amount, they’ll get an invite.
    March 23 2022, at the official site of the Society, there will be a voting and possession transfer ceremony. Society has reached a new level of success and delivered on its expectations with this development. The Society has also taken another positive step: members who have reserved files but cannot make the instalments can now return them to the Society for a full refund.
    Many participants used to comply with the Society’s earlier established deadlines for clearing their accounts. However, Society has helped those who were overlooked once more and given them a final deadline to pay off any outstanding bills. Members who pay their dues before April 30, 2022, will no longer be subject to the late fee. Remember that this is your last chance to get cleared up; Society will not impose any further deadlines after this one.

    Blue World City Islamabad General Block

    The foundation of BWC in Islamabad is General Block. In addition to providing a complete existence, it also means that accounting makes things easier for the clients. Moreover, plots in BWC General Block have very affordably priced.
    The builders have begun delivering most of the services promised during the prior period, and construction on the site is currently seventy per cent complete. The residential plots accessible inside this Block are five, eight and ten Marlas and one and two Kanal luxurious and beautiful plots. In addition, this specific Block also contains business property ranging from five to ten marlas.

    Property In General Block

    • Five, Eight and Ten Marlas and One and Two Kanal luxurious and beautiful dwelling Plots
    • Five to Ten marlas commercial plots


    This Block has situated on the northern avenue of the Society. About a few minutes’ drive to the M2 motorway and Chakri junction. CPEC and Rawalpindi are also close to this Block.

    Key Features

    • Jamia Masjids
    • Commercial Zone
    • Branch of Forces School
    • Serene Villas
    • Capitol Hill duplicate

    Balloting General Block

    Society has revealed some thrilling news for the general public. For the citizens of zone 1 of Blue World City, voting and plot ownership have shown. The management announced the date of the General Block. Additionally, possessions will have given to Sector 1 residents. Finally, plots will have made accessible to members who have finished their instalments and debts.

    Society has completed the first-ever plot balloting in the General Block of the Society. The online balloting made this process more open and structured for Society. Furthermore, The  General Block balloting event drew seven thousand members, buyers, and agents. However, the property file with outstanding invoices will have placed in the upcoming second phase of balloting. In addition, General Block sells properties in instalments, and balloting also has advanced in other sectors of Society.

    Blue World City Waterfront

    Inhabitants of the Society will enjoy the waterfront block, which will be functional soon. It is close to the theme  Water Park, another top tourist destination. The surrounding area will encompass over seven thousand square metres, steep hills, and a  side-by-side water resort., Society has opened its seaside Block. The construction of the Block has started, and it has expected that it will be ready in a few months

    Property in Waterfront Block

    • Six, Twelve, and Eighteen marlas Residential plots are available in this Block


    This Block has well situated on Sunset Avenue in the neighbourhood, the nation’s premier intent tourist destination. From a few minute’s drive to Rawalpindi Roundabout and the New Airport of Islamabad. In addition, the economic corridor CPEC and Isb-Lhr Motorway have also closed.

    Stunning Features

    • Water Themed Park
    • Floating Restaurants
    • Twirling Fountains
    • IT Center
    • Mini Golf Club
    • Masjids

    Orbital Apartments

    A best-in-class, opulent standard of living is available in Blue world city Orbital Flats The only flat choice in Pakistan may be better if you want to be mesmerized by beautiful scenery all day continuously. The 208-foot-wide orbital avenue with greenery, well-kept parks, the most oversized horse mascot, and other increased attractions and amenities provided. In Pakistan, all luxurious lifestyles at affordable prices are rare, categorizing the idea of luxury as a whole. Moreover, the Blue World City payment plan always relieves its customers. Plots for sale in Blue World City are more stunning and spacious than in other societies.

    Apartments in Orbital Apartment

    • Studio Apartments, One-Two-bedroom Apartments


    You’ll find these apartments on central Chakri Road, close to the Chakri Interchange. They are easily accessible via the M-2 Motorway. As a bonus, several of the city’s most significant landmarks are within easy reach.

    Extraordinary Features

    • No Powercut Zone
    • Sky Rise Building
    • Stunning Lobbies
    • Well-Maintain
    • High Paced Escalators
    • Indoor Gyms, Beauty Parlours and Spa
    • Penthouse

    Farm Houses Blue Hill

    A lively, colourful lifestyle on a routine basis can be taxing. Therefore, one always fantasizes about moving to a peaceful, quiet location to escape this boring routine. An area where you can experience the luxury and esteem the environmental splendour. The builder is also launching Blue Hills Country Farm to fulfil the need. From this point forward, the Blue hill Farmhouse lies in a peaceful, idealized area in the middle of the community. Additionally, it includes a magnificent water stream that borders the town and surrounds its idyllic natural setting. Additionally, inhabitants might idealize the tranquil and relieving Society to cherish a life devoid of the metropolis and full of steadiness and pleasure.

    Property in the Block

    • Four, Eight, Twelve and Sixteen Kanal farmhouse


    The farmhouses are near Chakri junction and within the access of twin cities.

    Outstanding Features

    • Top-Notch Golf Club
    • Fully Facilitated Cattle Farms
    • Horse Stable
    • Horse Riding Club

    Awami Residential Complex

    The most recent development of the spectacular housing complex, BWC, is the Awami Residential Complex. This housing building has individual and double apartments, each outfitted with everything needed to lead a remarkable life with stunning views of the surrounding area. Additionally, each unit’s design provides a budget-friendly framework and upscale amenities and luxuries. The closest apartment complex to the development’s main entrance is the Awami Residential Complex, located on Chakri Avenue, one of the most famous streets near the Islamabad Airport. The BGC will also carry out the progress with the highest standards. As a result, it has communal areas and administrative functions appropriate for this significant asset.

    Plots In This Block

    • 5 and 5 Marlas accommodation plots, studio apartments and one and two-bedroom apartments are also available.


    The future site of the Awami Residential Complex will be convenient. Available from all major hubs in the two cities, the M2 motorway connects the region. From the NFC 2 Junction on the Rawalpindi Roundabout, the trip takes only 8 minutes.

    Wonderful Features

    • Masjids
    • Full Security
    • Water Filtration Plants
    • Beautiful Garden and Playground
    • OIC Plant

    Blue World City Executive Block

    The Society presents Executive Block, its latest building and a superb balance to the already beautiful uptown community. Additionally, it lies near twin cities.
    This Block will be the pinnacle of classiness, complexity, and indulgence. All necessary and contemporary facilities will be available to the Block’s occupants. As a result, inhabitants of BWC this Block will have entrance to a super duper environment. Moreover, customers can get the house of their option at low prices thanks to BWC Executive Block. Property of five, ten, and twenty marlas are available with an easy, affordable four-year payment plan.

    Plots In Executive Block

     Property of five, ten, and twenty marlas are available with an easy, affordable four-year payment plan.


    The location of this Block is that it is adjacent to the overseas Block and connected to the central twin cities.

    Extraordinary Features

    • Fully Operative Hospital
    • Grand Entrance
    • Accessibility of Essential
    • No Load-shedding Zone
    • Luxurious Houses
    • Masjids
    • Around-the-clock Security

    Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley Block

    Sports Valley is the most recent development of the BWC grand plan. The announcement of this Block’s inauguration is excellent news for sports enthusiasts because it will encourage sporting travel to Pakistan. It will have Pakistan’s biggest cricket stadium, with seating for nearly fifty-five thousand spectators and a sizable parking structure for about fifteen thousand automobiles. In addition to constructing courts for basketball, badminton, futsal, handball, and bowling. In addition, more than twenty-five leisure parks have planned. The subsequent buildings, such as Villaggio Mall, Hotel Torch, and Blue Mosque, will enhance the Block’s aesthetic appeal.

    Plots in Sports Valley

    • Five, Eight, and Ten Marlas and One Kanal Residential plots file


    This Block has directly linked to Defence Road. In addition, it juxtaposes the Rawalpindi Circular Road and M2 Motorway, the unique economic project of the CPEC and the Airport in Islamabad.

    Unique Features

    • Largest Cricket Stadium
    • Parking Space for Fifteen-thousand Vehicles
    • Fully Equipped Sports Clubs
    • Blue Mosque Imitation
    • Torch Hotel
    • Mega Commercial Complex
    • Villaggio Mall

    Hollywood Block

    Hollywood Block comprises one of BWC’s best and, therefore, most contemporary blocks. It lies near Trafalgar Square. The residential Society’s Gates 1 & 2 provide entry to the Block. A magnificent Mosque, Secured Residential Neighborhood, Hollywood Symbol, Widescreen Cinema, Philosopher’s Club, Luxurious Lounge area, Enormous Green Spaces, Business areas, and around-the-clock Security & Monitoring are a few of its outstanding characteristics. In addition, this Block offers luxurious plots of ten marlas and one, two and four Kanal extravagant plots.

    Plots in Hollywood Block

    This Block offers luxurious properties of ten marlas and one, two and four Kanal extravagant plots.


    This Block is near the Trafalgar Square of the Society and is close to important sites of the twin cities.

    Stunning Features

    • Symbol of Hollywood
    • Gated Neighbourhood
    • Spectacular Setting
    • Shopping Centers
    • Thinker’s Club
    • Movie Cinemas

    Blue World City Payment Plans

    The owner’s overall strategy is to provide the residents with a trouble-free life, starting with an appropriate and essential payment plan. Since Society is still developing, the payment plan is considerably more elegant. Additionally, the plots are selling out quickly due to the project’s strategic location and broad concept. Experts predict that plot prices will increase soon in light of current developments. Therefore, this Society is an excellent opportunity if you want investment in this luxurious housing Society. For the practicality of its stakeholders, the association has also promoted a three, four, and five-year instalment plan. There are beautiful and spacious plots for sale in BWC.

    Overseas Block Payment Plan

    blue-world-city-islamabad-overseas (1)

    Overseas Block offers a 4-year financing plan for various deluxe housing plot sizes, including Seven, ten, and fourteen marlas. The luxurious properties of the 1 & 2 Kanal. The reservation process requires just a 10% deposit, with the balance due in Forty monthly instalment plans or Sixteen quarterly Instalment payments. For now, the plot bookings has discontinued by the management. If there is any other news about the booking Meta Marketing will give detailed information to their loyal customers.

    General Block Payment Plan

    BWC’s General Block gives a four-year financing plan for five, Eight, ten, One, and two Kanal properties. This contemporary-style Block intends to provide a comfortable and premium living environment, luxury features and amenities, and a nice neighbourhood. Currently, the management of BWC has discontinued booking properties in this Block.

    Waterfront District Payment Plan


    The six marlas’ total price is 1,750,000/- PKR with an easy deposit of Rs 175,000/-. The confirmation fee for the plot is Rs 87,500. For the convenience of the customers, there is forty affordable Instalment of Rs 17,500/- or eight quarterly instalments of Rs 98,438/-.
    The twelve marlas’ total price is 3,150,000/- PKR with an easy deposit of Rs 315,000/-. The confirmation fee for the plot is Rs 157,500. For the convenience of the customers, there is forty affordable Instalment of Rs 31,500/- or eight quarterly instalments of Rs 177,188/-.
    The eighteen marlas’ total price is 4,200,000/- PKR with an easy deposit of Rs 420,000/-. The confirmation fee for the plot is Rs 210,000/-. For the convenience of the customers, there is forty affordable Instalment of Rs 42,000 /- or eight quarterly instalments of Rs

    Executive Block Payment Plan

    BWC Executive Block has a reasonably straightforward payment structure. In addition, it provides a handy four-year payment plan for individuals who cannot afford the entire amount simultaneously. This Block is selling Five, Ten, and twenty Marla properties. Reservations begin only after a 10% deposit.
    The five Marlas plots total cost is just PKR 875,00 with just a 10% deposit.
    The ten Marlas plots cost PKR 1,675,000 with a 10% deposit.
    The twenty Marlas plots’ total rates are PKR 3,150,000 with only a 10% deposit.

    Farm House Payment Plan

    You can buy a 4, 8, 12, or 16 Kanal plot in BWC’s Country Farms and pay for it over four years.
    The Administration is selling a 4-Kanal plot of land for 85,250,000 rupees. 4-Kanal property, you can put down as little as fifteen % and make Forty monthly instalments of as little as 86,063 rs. Those interested can also pay for a farm in Eight semiannual instalments of Rs 430,313/-.
    The Administration is selling 8 Kanals for one crore and 54 lacs with a just fifteen per cent deposit of twenty-two lacs and thirty-five thousand rupees. Forty easy monthly instalments cost 1,58,313 rupees. Only seven lacs, ninety-one thousand, and five hundred sixty-three rupees for eight half-yearly instalments.
    Twelve Kanal for two crores and fifty-five lacs and seventy thousand rupees with a fifteen per cent deposit of thirty-seven lacs and sixteen thousand and two hundred and fifty rupees has offered by the Administration. Forty affordable monthly instalments price two Lac, sixty-three Thousand, and two Hundred thirty-four Rupees. Only thirteen lacs, sixteen thousand, and one hundred thirty-two rupees for eight half-yearly instalments.
    The Administration is selling sixteen Kanal for two crores and seventy lacs with a small deposit of fifteen per cent of thirty-nine lac rupees. Forty feasible monthly instalments cost 2,76,250 rupees. Only 1,381,250 Rs for Eight half-yearly instalments.

    Awami Complex Payment Plan


    Awami Complex includes studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom flats for Fifty monthly instalments starting at Rs. 10,800/-.Duplex Villa offers 3.5 Marla villas for fifty easy monthly Instalment of Rs. 18,700/month.
    Studio apartments cost fifteen lacs with a 1,20000/- Rupees deposit from the Administration. Fifty monthly instalments cost 10,800 rupees. Only fifty-four thousand rupees for Ten half-yearly instalments.
    The Administration is selling a 1-Bed Suite for Eighteen Lacs with a One Lac and Fifty Thousand Rupee deposit. Fifty monthly instalments cost 13,500 rs. Only sixty-seven thousand and five hundred rupees for Ten half-yearly instalments. 3.5 Marla Duplex Mansion costs twenty-seven Lacs with a Two Lac and Forty Thousand Rs deposit from the Administration. Twenty thousand and four hundred rupees for Fifty monthly instalments. Only One Lac two rupees for Ten half-yearly instalments.
    The management is selling 3 Marla Solitary Awami Apartments for twenty-five Lacs with a two Lac and twenty Thousand Rupee deposit. Fifty monthly instalments cost 18,700 rupees. 93,500 for Ten half-yearly instalments.

    Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley Payment Plan


    The five marlas total price is 2,200,000/- PKR with an easy deposit of Rs 150,000/-. The confirmation fee for the plot is Rs 100,000. For the convenience of the customers, there is forty affordable Instalment of Rs 23,750/- or eight quarterly instalments of Rs 100,000/-. The possession charges are Rs 200,000/-. The after-possession waiver charges are Rs 2,000,000/-
    The eight marlas’ total price is 3,380,000/- PKR with an easy deposit of Rs 213,000/-. The confirmation fee for the plot is Rs 154,000. For the convenience of the customers, there is forty affordable Instalment of Rs 36,575/- or eight quarterly instalments of Rs 154,000/-. The possession charges are Rs 300,000/-. The after-possession waiver charges are Rs 3,080,000/-
    The ten marlas’ total price is 4,125,000/- PKR with an easy deposit of Rs 281,250/-. The confirmation fee for the plot is Rs 187,500. For the convenience of the customers, there is forty affordable Instalment of Rs 44,531/- or eight quarterly instalments of Rs 187,500/-. The possession charges are Rs 375,000/-. The after-possession waiver charges are Rs 3,750,000/-
    The One Kanal total price is 7,700,000/- PKR with an easy deposit of Rs 525,000/-. The confirmation fee for the plot is Rs 350,000. For the convenience of the customers, there is forty affordable Instalment of Rs 87,125/- or eight quarterly instalments of Rs 350,000/-. The possession charges are Rs 700,000/-. The after-possession waiver charges are Rs 7,000,000/-

    Hollywood Block Payment Plan

    Sector 5 Hollywood Block, real estate sales, has conducted via ballot. Owners could reserve housing facilities measuring ten marlas and one, two, or four hectares on a 12-month instalment schedule and receive the maximum possible return on their money. For shareholders’ ease, monthly payment options are made available. Meta Marketing will soon share its detailed payment plans.

    Development Status

    Society is expanding quickly, and some significant milestones have reached. The housing project also contains many elements to provide a top-notch lifestyle. Additionally, the construction of the tallest horse is now finished. Further, both blue and green LEDs have to be to the mascot. The overseas block entrance is accessible, giving the locals a sense of assurance. The developers have completed building the forces institution’s multi-storey flagship school. The sports stadium construction and the commercial plaza’s expansion will also see each other again.

    Salient features

    To meet customers’ foreseeable housing and business needs, Blue World City plans to build Islamabad’s largest housing complex. It provides all the services and amenities required for contemporary housing development.

    • Jamia Blue Mosque
    • Themed water park
    • Top-Notch Infrastructure
    • Power Plant
    • In Society Police station 
    • Secured Neighbourhood
    • Medical Facilities and pharmacies 
    • Educational institutions
    • Reasonable housing choices
    • Modern and spacious Commercial hubs
    • Beautiful gardens and Public areas

    Facilities and Services

    This housing project will be a phenomenon of Chinese invention and technology. Contrary to general belief, it is the most okay economic residential Society in the neighbourhood. The approach is specific to satisfy the demand caused by the influx of more than two million Chinese people into Pakistan. Additionally, to promote Chinese residents and improve Pakistani lifestyles, Society must provide universally accepted buildings to satisfy this requirement. Additionally, the hotel will offer its guests the cutting-edge amenities listed below, which have never been available. A community should have enhanced by first-rate facilities, advanced construction, and lovely recreation grounds. Residents may enjoy the best quality of life when a neighbourhood offers everything from housing amenities to leisure options.

    Blue Mosques

    The Blue Mosque, Turkey, is a historical marvel of classical architecture created by Muslim construction and planners in the 1600s. Additionally, the builders of the Society are encouraged to construct a replica of the magnificent mosque. Further, the Masjid will reinstate Islamic standards and traditions inside the larger Society. Additionally, the Blue Mosque’s project will become noteworthy and attract tourists to this Society. Finally, the mosque will address and support Society’s concept.

    Commercial Hubs

    The commercial hub lies near the CPEC route. With a limitless supply of retail opportunities, the Society will become one of the area’s most significant commercial destinations. Additionally, the master plans for this beautiful community have been developed, including state-of-the-art commercial infrastructure, high-quality educational facilities, and accessible workplaces in every sector of Society.
    Blue World City is determined to provide quality education while also cutting down on travel time since it recognizes the value of education. To give local youngsters a fantastic education, internationally standard academic institutes have been established.

    Theme Park and Lake

    The designers of the initiative have ensured beyond a shadow of a doubt that the residents would lead prosperous lives with strong ties to nature, and as a result, open leisure parks have been created. Families and their kids are welcome to spend their leisure time and live happy lives at these parks. In addition, the Oxygen Park & lakes inside the community will enhance its beauty and allure. These playgrounds improve well-being, foster social connections, and safeguard the natural environment.

    Safety Precaution

    This secluded area is a gated neighbourhood with the best security methods. A border divider that has logically restricted any unwelcome entryways into the social projects it. The entire Society has furnished the most recent security technology and experienced security personnel fully prepared for any incidence or accident. These notices are placed throughout the building to preserve social harmony. Additionally, a series of Surveillance cameras are visible throughout the entire level to monitor all actions and provide a secure environment for habitation.

    Modern Infrastructure

    The roadways established characteristics to keep the final evolution, and now another unique system is made using polished skills and cutting-edge technology equipment. By identifying the developers and architects who have diligently contributed to the project and layout to provide an advanced privatized society, it has intended to be feasible. Blue World has been praised for incorporating a high-end lifestyle into its plans. The venture’s design has based on global standards and cutting-edge innovation and advancements. Additionally, the neighbourhood exhibits a contemporary style of life that is exceptionally detailed for the highest level. The property demonstrates foreign standards while giving off a refined appearance with the fixtures and systems.

    Superb Management

    All telephone and energy wires have been buried to avoid potential inconveniences and consider the city’s environment. Additionally, this helps prevent disturbing influences and outside problems, supporting a connection. Underground utility pipes are too complex to avoid spills. In a residential community, a failed waste management system eventually levels out. The estate’s waste management system has also handled the project’s enormous waste load. With modern automobiles and equipment, such an approach will be pretty helpful.

    Leisure Facilities

    A key source of amusement is cinema. Additionally, it suggests entertainment and leisure in people’s daily life. To meet the entertainment needs of its residents, the Society will have 3D I-max theatres. Another essential feature of Society will include the Zoo, which has a safe people-driving entrance in the middle of town. Additionally, having wild animals roam freely is inspiring and encourages outstanding guest engagement. The zoo will also house various imported wildlife species from around the globe.

    File Verification

    All customers can get pertinent and compelling evidence from Meta Marketing. Additionally, real land advertising will be there with experts and specialists to confirm the BWC file. Both locals and people from other countries can utilize the methods to validate the file. And in this regard, there are primarily two stages that might assist you. First, the person has advised visiting the Meta Marketing office to obtain accurate data. Second, speak with the representatives of BWC. The subsequent is a directory of the required actions to complete the validation efficiently.

    • To check the file, access the website of the BWC official website.
    • On the homepage, select “Online Services” from the navigation pane.
    • Once the tab has selected, select Online Application Confirmation.
    • After entering the information, a new screen displaying the File Validation Search Queries will appear.
    • Additionally, if somebody attempts to input false info, the screen will display No Matches.

    Perks Of File Verification

    Completing file verification has some perks. Here are a few of them:

    • Purchases in property investment are often durable ones. As a result, it will assist investors in making safe and legitimate sustainable investments.
    • It guards against financial damage or illicit practices.
    • Time has dramatically reduced, and fraudsters are also protected.
    • It assists with making a legitimate and beneficial investment.

    Credentials Necessary For Plot Booking

    It’s effortless and quick to reserve a property in the BWC. You needed the essential papers to secure the plot.


    Pakistani Citizen

    • Two new photos
    • CNIC two photocopies
    • Two copies of the Identification Card of next to kin’s

    Overseas Pakistanis

    As mentioned above, the Overseas NIC and the relevant papers are two copies each.

    Possession of Plots

    The Administration of BWC first interacted with a wide that the ballot had conducted on 20 January. The General Block ballot has completed.
    The properties’ possession was supposed has announced in December 2020. However, e-balloting has been introduced by the Administration for plot allocation for a more effective process.
    Those shareholders who have previously submitted ninety per cent of the payment has eligible to vote. Nevertheless, there is a positive thing: you can still participate in voting by investing a fifty per cent upfront fee.
    Possession of initiation phase properties in the community has been anticipated within three years, in contrast to CDA districts like B-17 & ICHS Town, which offer ownership immediately.
    Ownership in BWC will have granted once these blocks’ construction process has been done. However, this timetable is not guaranteed and may be extended owing to circumstances including gradual evolution, NOC, or elements of nature.


    Blue World City Islamabad might be the standard residential estate society for the people of this nation. The residential project’s within-your-means costs and Instalments options are thus its extremely appealing feature. Furthermore, the project extends its residents to every innovative convenience. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in Blue World City, right now is a fantastic moment because the properties are under construction, and the costs are very modest.


    Q1: What gives Blue World City Islamabad its name?

    A1: The Society is within the control of RDA. Some individuals keep referring to it as Blue World City because it lies in the border regions between twin cities.

    Q2: When does the housing development process begin, and at what point will the community develop?

    A2: The Society’s growth work has begun, and the Main Avenue and entrance gate have virtually finished their completion. The management has also started levelling the area and doing some excavation work. The Society’s current estimate of the residential development period is three to four years.

    Q3: Does this residential project has a legitimate NOC?

    A3: RDA has approved the BWC NOC.

    Q4: When can plot ownership become commonplace in Society?

    A4: Plot acquisition has anticipated in three to four years. Because of the early construction, the management decided to give properties in phase 1 of the community will be given ownership first.

    Q5: Does Society have an instalment plan?

    A5: For customers’ comfort, the builders provide a three and four-year easy instalment financing plan.