How To Check Property Ownership Online in Pakistan?


A streamlined and authorized procedure for determining a property’s ownership is here to facilitate the process of ownership transitions and dealings in the real estate industry. In addition, the property industry has benefited from technological advancements that have made the process quicker and simpler to determine property ownership. The facilities like digital portals, webpages, and mobile apps that validate ads and provide in-depth insight into assets are examples of these innovations. For example, the Pakistani government digitalized the urban land holdings of Punjab and Sindh, which has also established an online platform for property registration check online. Pakistan is the world’s fifth-largest populated Country. In 2020, amid covid, the Country recorded the highest urbanization at the rate of three per cent. These demographic facts demonstrate the possibility of the real estate market rising nationwide. More significantly, this industry is experiencing an infusion of younger, intelligent, and knowledgeable minds. In the property sector, though, the absence of digitalized and integrated registry has led to several issues with the inflow of funding. The “wealth trap” has become a severe problem due to an uncontrolled property market and fraudulent projects.

Digitalization of Urban Land Records in Sindh and Punjab

Digitalizing property records will make disclosure and credibility in land management and property transaction systems. Idealized digital copies of the Periodical Documentation of Land Ownership (fard or jamabandi), the Map – based Template (field chart or mussavi), and the pertinent information about the property ownership, co-sharers, and interested parties of the estate should be made available to potential investors via a computerized record. The digitization of property records should start with local authorities encompassing the tehsils & districts, to the federal position to create a national central property records database. Unfortunately, only two provinces of Pakistan have this facility. The Punjab and Sindh governments have made online land ownership checking facilities available. LRMIS is an online platform where customers can access all the current information about the property in that region, including particular property pros and cons. In addition, this portal was supervised and managed by trusted local authorities. In this blog, We’ll explain how and where to property check online in Pakistan. For more, contact Meta Marketing.

Steps for Checking Property Ownership Online in Pakistan

Both significant provinces of Pakistan, Punjab and Sindh, have launched their system for Land Record Management Information Systems. For Punjab, the  PLRA has managed this online portal and facilitated their citizen by providing accurate information about the land and asset records. The Sindh Board of Revenue has also developed an online portal in the province of Sindh. This portal helps individuals who have a property in a particular area. These simple steps have to follow to check the property online.

Checking Property Ownership in Punjab

The official website has several services which can facilitate, like the opportunity to examine and look at asset records, application versions of these files, and many more. In addition, this portal also ensures to offer the correct information on the corporation’s administrative structure and purposes, as well as the contact details of relevant individuals. To check these things online, all you have to do is

  • Visit the official website of PLRA or Punjab Zameen official
  • On the front page, search for ownership details
  • From the menu, select the tehsil or district
  • Select the area where your property is, or you want to nut property
  • From the three options, select one option from CNIC or by Name, or you can also continue by putting the property number (Khewat Number)
  • Click the search button at the bottom
  • The details of the property will appear on the screen soon.

Checking Property Ownership in Sindh

Property checks online in Sindh are now effortless thanks to the efforts of the Sindh Board of Revenue. The portal gives access to citizens to the deed status and can also check the assets records. Some steps required for the Search are below

  • Visit the homepage of sindhzameen.gos.pks.
  • From two options like by Name or CNIC, select one to continue
  • From the drop-down, select the tehsil, district and area of the property
  • After carefully filling in the questions, click Search  to get the answer

Advantages of Digitization of Urban Land Records in Pakistan

When there is no system in land record management, there are countless misconducts in this particular sector. In addition, residents don’t immediately get notified of any encroachment or illegal settlements. Everything gets even worse when they ask the authorities to assist them in recovering their lands. The local government of Punjab and Sindh take the programme to conquer these difficulties. The portals greatly help citizens as they can invest and check the property with credible sources. Some  advantages of digitizing assets records may bring in

  • Individuals can quickly transfer property digitally due to access to digital mapping. Therefore, it will be safe and protect them from illegal conduct.
  • It will make the land registry process easy and appropriate.
  • The authorities will use the portal to catch tax cheats.
  • Property owners’ rights will have to continue to be safeguarded.
  • Property owners can relax from the worries like an illegal invasion, stealing of land, or data tampering.
  • There will be transparency regarding prior owners, legal matters, and land disputes.
  • The digitization of property records will enable many areas, including e-payment and complaints platforms, to move toward a modern and transparent society.


Through continuing supportive features, this project will continue to advance, with the owners reaping most of the benefits. Individuals in Pakistan are fed up with the problem of invasion and land snatching because they potentially lose all of their savings. We can only hope that its graph improves going forward, as the digitalization of property records has a lot to offer. In addition, A digitized property record of Islamabad’s structures will be made available to the public through the CDA property register online system. Additionally, it will aid in data validation, e- payment processing, and preventing fraud in the urban property record. Furthermore, the ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology will continue to enhance its procedures. Lastly, for other queries, contact Meta Marketing.

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