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Earthlink & Grande created the quick residential Society known as Massive City Gujar Khan. GT Highway is where the Massive City is situated. It is a specific property investment project intended to be Gujar Khan’s most good residential area. The goal of the project’s creators is to provide an extravagant life and the greatest possible return on investments.

With this endeavour, the proprietors have put decades of knowledge to work. As a result, the only project can provide as much in one bundle as Mega City does if you want to purchase the most refined residential building or live in a top-notch residential development. It is a location that is a vision for investment rather than just a sanctuary with a site boundary.

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    Mega City Gujar Khan Owner & Developers

    Earthlink and Grande will create Mega City Gujar Khan. The builders developing a Society that goes beyond the boundaries of joy and economic venture cheers to their decades of experience, mainly in the real estate sector. The development will have a fashionable ambience thanks to architectural styles and traditional influences. The builders initially offered numerous property investment activities, and all clients were delighted. A fully skilled team of professionals provides technical knowledge for the design and development phase. In the real estate sector, The famous builders Grande and Earthlink are well-recognized for advancing the maximum level of honesty. They recommend customers first-rate services, which eventually lead to more transactions. The essential goal of both corporations is to deliver the best possible consumer service possible.

    Mega City Gujar Khan NOC Status

     The housing project is currently in the pre-release stage, and the builders will soon disclose Society’s legal standing. The NOC will therefore be accessible soon. Additionally, the individual need to file legally and profitably enables property investment. Further, the achievement of the NOC will boost the assurance and confidence of potential investors and inhabitants. The builders are also trying to get this housing project legalized. Therefore, the capital inflows will also drop immediately as the housing project is incorporated.

    Mega City Gujar Khan Location Map

    mega-city-gujar-khan-location-map (1)

    The Location will be on the critical Grand Trunk road in Gujar Khan, directly across from the similarly brand-new residential project known as New Metro City. Additionally, the placement is what lures mainstream investors. Furthermore, the Society is reachable from THQ, the Shopping district of Gujar Khan, and the twin cities Railway Line. Purchase in this home project would therefore help one achieve their ideal lifestyle. 

    Access Point

    • GT Road Gujar khan
    • Five min from Missa Kaswale Road
    • Six  min  from Gulyana Road
    • Twelve min from Gujar khan – Bewal Road
    • Thirteen min from Chakwal Jhelum Road
    • Sixteen min from Miani Syedan Road

    Nearby Places

    • Gujar Khan City
    • City UBL Bank
    • College Sarwar Shaheed
    • College of Commerce Punjab
    • City Palace Banquet Hall
    • Women Government College o
    • THQ Gujar Khan
    • New Metro City Guhar Khan

    Mega City Gujar Khan Master Plan

    The housing project will provide everyone with top-notch amenities. Furthermore, a housing complex will contain all primary and luxurious amenities. Additionally, a variety of homes with the most remarkable living area will have offered to all potential buyers and inhabitants. The price strategy, which has the perfect spot and living circumstances based on the value of homes, would, finally, interest the buyers. Several plots will form a part of this neighbourhood with all the amenities needed for improved living circumstances. The developer’s primary goals also included providing the best living circumstances at a reasonable cost.

    Additionally, their assertion implies that the conveniences and capabilities will align with the price. The beautiful and elegant housing property ranges from five, seven, ten and fourteen marlas. The bigger and more luxurious plot dimension will be one Kanal.

    The value of this housing scheme will rise due to several excellent supporting economic development in the neighbourhood. The builders of this residential building also have previous expertise in creating opulent commercial spaces. Additionally, this neighbourhood will include commercial plots in various special sizes. And one element that will make all shareholders happy is the cost of the homes. The commercial properties have five, eight, and ten marlas and a spacious Kanal commercial plot.

    Mega City Residential Plots

    • Five-Marla
    • Seven-Marla
    • Ten-Marla
    • Fourteen-Marla
    • One Kanal

    Mega City Commercial Plots

    • Five-Marla
    • Six-Marla
    • Eight-Marla

    Mega City Gujar Khan Payment Plan

    mega-city-gujar-khan-payment-plan (1)

    The total price of a 5-marlas plot is Rs 1,890,000/-, with a deposit of 390,000/-. In addition, the thirty-six instalments of Rs 23,500/- and the bi-annual instalment of Rs 77,500/-.

    The total price of a 7-marlas plot is Rs 2,690,000/-, with a deposit of 525,000/-. In addition, the thirty-six instalments of Rs 36,500/- and the bi-annual instalment of Rs 97,000/-.

    The price of a 10-marlas plot is Rs 3,690,000/-, with a deposit of 690,000/-. In addition, the thirty-six instalments of Rs 45,000/- and the bi-annual instalment of Rs 168,500/-.

    Development Status

    Building on the housing development will quickly begin. Additionally, developers are committed to providing investors with the most unique and premium projects. The investors also concluded that the position and characteristics provided the best investment opportunity. The builders are presently seeking legality, which is essential. Once the builders acquire their NOC, the development time will intensify. This commitment will have required to make sensible and lucrative home and business investments. Lastly, monitor the Meta Marketing website for information on Mega City’s construction.

    Latest Updates

    According to the most recent information about the Society, it will shortly introduce its freshly designed payment options for accommodation and corporate plots.

    Salient Features

    The neighbourhood has several characteristics that will guarantee a sustainable and top-notch standard of life, and the crucial elements accessible here will include

    • Secured Neighbourhood
    • Peaceful Atmosphere
    • Educational Facilities
    • Healthcare Clinics
    • Recreational Area and Playgrounds
    • Gyms
    • Industrial Area
    • Proper Drainage System
    • Jamia Mosque
    • Shopping Malls and Marts
    • Surveillance Cameras
    • Cottages and Plazas
    • Top-Notch Infrastructure

    Amenities and Services

    The neighbourhood will include many amenities with both high-end and essential services. Nevertheless, the following will be the most important amenities there:

    Safe Gated Community

    The builders are developing a housing project with surveillance for each asset. A Security camera will have installed in the neighbourhood to record all critical local events. In addition, the bodyguards will defend Society to avoid any annoyance. Investment in this sector has consequently been required to reach a certain quality of living.

    Constant provision of Essential

    The builders provide the most outstanding facilities to all people. However, the most concentrated solutions will provide customers with all their needs at low prices. Additionally, the neighbourhood has easy access to gas, water, and power necessities. So all these requirements will have expanded to give residents a viable living environment in the long term.

    Educational and Medical Facilities

    All shareholders will always have access to a world-class healthcare centre. The healthcare facilities will also be available 24/7 to help future inhabitants in an incident. Public educational establishments also give people the opportunity to accomplish their learning excellence.

    Top-Notch Architecture

    The top-notch architecture makes it feasible for people to live their best lives. Furthermore, the style’s dependability is crucial for accomplishing profit goals, particularly for producing company prospects and financial goals. As an outcome, all potential inhabitants will have perfect living conditions and look forward to making substantial investments here.

    Sustainable Environment

    The creators of the Society believe that everyone who joins will dwell in a more peaceful environment. There will also be an assortment of flowers around the Location to provide a serene and natural atmosphere. Therefore, investment in this housing Society will benefit the setting and all individuals involved. But most crucially, it will contribute to fewer climate change-related issues.

    Investment Prospect

    Buyers will profit from the maximum possible return on their investment due to the services offered by Society. The cost of plots has gone up steadily ever since the process starts. Costs associated with placement will increase as development progresses. It provides an appealing investment choice because of its proximity to one of Gujar khan’s most accessible neighbourhoods. Individuals can therefore protect their property and benefit from the most remarkable aspects.


    • Peaceful Ambience
    • Safe Community
    • Recreational Areas
    • Gymnasium
    • Best and Available Site
    • Affordable Properties
    • Healthcare Clinics
    • Educational Institutes
    • Jamia Mosques
    • Spectacular Infrastucture
    • Commercial Properties


    • The misapprehension of being too far from the City
    • Expensive and out-of-reach Pricing Plan.

    Why Invest in Mega City Gujar Khan?

    The residential Society offers advantageous properties and conveniences to give investors the highest quality of life imaginable. The position and costs are the venture’s best real estate investing features. Additionally, the builders are renowned for their comprehensive measures abilities. As a result, making investments here will help the area’s present population able to work successfully, a luxurious lifestyle. The conveniences are also the key attraction for prospective buyers. The best real estate decision will consequently be to buy in this neighbourhood.

    Allotment Certificate

    Keep in touch with Meta Marketing at all moments for the latest Society Allotment Notification news. In addition, the Management of the Society will occasionally give out dwelling and business plot allotment certificates and letters.

    Ballotting Updates

    There will be several stages to the Society ballotting process. You can call the Society contact line or email us anytime. Moreover,  It is necessary to be aware of Society’s voting procedures for plots. To stay informed, we suggest maintaining in touch.

    Society Payment Mode

    Go to the official Site of the Society to learn more about Mega City Gujar Khan’s plot payment options. The housing plan may also permit flexible and practical payment options for plots, such as:

    • Manual reservations will have made at the Banks’ designated branches.
    • One could also use the digital payment form to make the charges online.

    How To Book Plot In Mega City Gujar Khan?

    how-to-book-plot-in-mega-city-gujar-khan (1) (1)

    Presently is the perfect decision to spend in Society due to the overall pre-launch stage of Society. While rates are low, they will likely increase after the official debut. Contact Meta Marketing at any opportunity to learn about Mega City Gujar Khan. We will give you complete assistance and support to help you choose the most significant asset. 

    Document Required

    To make the process more transparent. You need to send some documents along with the application form.

    • Two photos of buyers
    • Two Photocopies of CNIC or NICOP
    • Two Photocopies of CNIC next to kin
    • Receipt or screenshot of the deposit


    The most excellent dwellings will soon be available to all inhabitants of the new-in-town residential development known as Mega City Gujar Khan. Additionally, the Site and the valuing will be significant reasons buyers invest in the extravagant house project. Additionally, creators are famous for producing exceptional jobs and high production. Therefore, the shareholders do have confidence in them. The features comprise the best architecture, accessibility to all necessities, medical care, and learning institutions in a distinct neighbourhood. The residential project also contains everything mandatory for lucrative and long-lasting livelihoods. Finally, Meta Marketing will have a wealth of information on Mega City Gujar Khan. So contact us and buy a dream home in this Society.


    Q 1: Where is Mega City Gujar Khan?

    A 1: The families of Gujar Khan and the neighbourhood areas will enter the housing project. The Society is reachable from THQ, the Shopping district of Gujar Khan, and the twin cities Railway Line.

    Q2: Who are Mega City's creators?

    A2: To construct this unique housing project, The real estate firm Grande is working with Earthlink.

    Q3: Is the Investment in this Society worth making?

    A3: The Society’s facilities and placement make this a fantastic property investment.

    Q4: What is the legal standing of the Society?

    A4: A megacity’s pre-launch will have followed by NOC clearance. The NOC will therefore be accessible soon.

    Q5: Where can I find the best opportunity to invest in Society?

    A5: The megacity will be the subject of factual reporting from Meta Marketing. So contact for more details.