What Makes New City Paradise One of the Most Profitable Projects in Real Estate?


Property buyers of the twin cities will eventually be able to purchase properties at New City Paradise. This gated community, which is in a beautiful setting, will guarantee reliable investments so that the buyers may get a good return. The residents of this neighbourhood, New City Wah, are the builders who pledge to present a cutting-edge development with first-rate comforts and amenities.

A holistic living neighbourhood with global design, the newest conveniences, and a scenic area is what New City Paradise is striving to become. It provides all socioeconomic groups in the twin cities with a luxurious way of life. Diverse residential land cuttings are available to accommodate persons with various needs. In addition, both domestic and international buyers have a wide range of possibilities. This blog discovers what makes this Society profitable real estate project.

Wonderful Architecture

New City Builders have assembled a professional team to create and refine the grand plan for Society. Experienced design firms and architects have collaborated with world-class engineers on the planning system. They want to develop a comprehensive, ideal plan, especially in luxury, contemporary design and cost. In addition, this knowledgeable team is now creating a four thousand and two fifty-six Kanal grand plan. A state-of-the-art improvement with the finest conveniences built around the standards of the global architecture concept is this Society. The developers have constructed housing estates following best practices to offer prospective occupants a bright and cutting-edge environment. A two-fifty-foot-wide Main Avenue and well-carpeted forty, fifty, and sixty-foot-wide roads are a part of the initial design layout.

The residential venture has been dotted with numerous world-class facilities, such as retail stores, eateries serving various cuisines, quaint cafes, and outdoor patios. Completely the necessities for an extravagant living are accessible in this neighbourhood. The layout of Society has diverse property distribution like

  • Residential plots of five, ten marlas and one kanal
  • Commercial properties of four, six and eight marlas

Near To The Major Commercial And Residential Hubs

Society Position and Plan will be close to the CPEC corridor and the Peshawar M1 Motorway. Additionally, the community will be next to Grand Trunk road and only 0 kilometres from the junction. Therefore, the primary characteristic of this Society is its ideal location, and supporting this innovative housing project will provide mobility in two crucial directions. Additionally, there will be many business areas and learning services close by, which will assist the locals in every way.

Nearby Landmarks

  • Peshawar Motorway
  • Islamabad-Lahore Motorway
  • Burhan interchange
  • UET University Wah
  • Wah Cantt
  • New City Arcade
  • HITECH Taxila University
  • Wah Model Town
  • New City Phase II
  • AWC Housing Society
  • Kohsar Valley

A Wide-Ranging Inventory Available In Instalments

The Society payment options include simple instalment schedules and are relatively inexpensive.  Meta Marketing is accepting reservations for the Society plots that are for sale. We promise that the plot costs will be highly affordable to buyers due to New City Paradise’s low prices compared to the Society’s triple pricing.   The platter offering, which gives plots in large quantities, is indeed available to customers.

  • The total cost of five marlas is 1,975,000/-Rs, and both booking and confirmation cost is PKR  230,000/-. The monthly thirty-six instalment will be RS 21,500/-. In addition, four half-yearly instalments are PKR 75,250/-. The balloting and allotment cost are 220,000/- Pakistani rupees each.
  • The rate of the ten Marlas plots is 3,700,000 Rs, and both booking and confirmation cost is PKR  443,750/-The monthly thirty-six instalment will be RS 41,000/-. In addition, four half-yearly instalments are PKR 134,125/-. The balloting and allotment cost are 400,000/- Pakistani rupees each.
  • The cost of one Kanal plot is 7,000,000Rs, and both booking and confirmation cost is PKR  843,750/-The monthly thirty-six instalment will be RS 78,125/-. In addition, four half-yearly instalments are PKR 350,000/-. The balloting and allotment cost are 550,000/- Pakistani rupees each.

Thoughtfully Curated Amenities And Facilities

The most cutting-edge conveniences and amenities for a tranquil existence are available at Society. The Society also offers a variety of amenities that make it worthwhile to invest here. To provide inhabitants with access to various amenities, New City Paradise seeks to grow into an effective residential society. Additionally, the conveniences come at highly affordable prices

  • The project is both incredibly inexpensive and luxurious.
  • It is easily reachable from twin cities and many other surrounding cities.
  • There are two separate gates to Society, one from the Peshawar Motorway and a second from central G.T Road
  • A variety of regional, local, and foreign brands will have located in Society
  • The Society has a beautiful landscape with lots of lush greenery
  • Within moments of the Society, the site is all daily amenities
  • Prospective residents have access to all essential facilities
  • Broad main highways, roadways, and thoroughfares
  • Creation of global standards for architecture
  • Located Near the Future Business Zone and the CPEC
  • Many plot dimensions are available to meet customers’ constantly shifting needs.
  • Reputable and skilled designers with a record of accomplishment
  • PHATA regulatory authority has already given its approval.
  • This a great chance for both domestic and foreign buyers to invest
  • Excellent surroundings for leading a happy and healthy life

A Grand-Scale Project Offering High ROI

This living area will include a business zone with various property sizes available. Additionally, locals will get an opportunity to see any business endeavour succeed. Purely due to the excellent construction and affordable land pricing. The startup will develop thanks to all these benefits. The possible instalment rates are the factor that will aid in scaling the effort.

Additionally, it allows sales shareholders and financiers to pay the complete sum following their choices and position. Therefore, the builders have handled all the commercial and fiscal requirements. The development will offer a comprehensive business space as a result. Furthermore, the inhabitants can satisfy all of the development’s business requirements from such locations. Therefore, the strategic placement and affordable payment plan make it the most lucrative in the twin cities.

How To Book Your Property In The New City Paradise?

Due to the general societal pre-launch stage, now is the ideal opportunity to invest in Society. Although rates are meagre, they will probably rise following the formal launch. To learn more about New City Paradise, get in touch with Meta Marketing anytime. We will give you complete guidance and assistance in helping you select the ideal asset. Additionally, we will reserve a spot for your story in this community.

Booking Process

For a quick and easy way to reserve your property in New City Paradise, follow the steps below:

  • Check out the reservation details entirely and carefully.
  • The CNIC copies thereupon
  • Send the deposit to the checking account for New City Paradise. For the deposit, you may use a check or pay the order. Don’t forget to check with the administration to verify your payments.
  • Send the necessary paperwork, money, and receipts.
  • Verify the progress of your property.

Document Required

The following paperwork is needed to reserve your property in New City Paradise:

  • Two fresh photos of the buyer
  • In the case of abroad Pakistanis NICOP,
  • Two photocopies of the applicant’s CNIC
  • two next-of-kin duplicates in the CNIC


The  New City Paradise blends top elegance, contemporary conveniences, and pricing. Prospective occupants have expected to enjoy a first-class living environment. This development’s perfect location and offers simple access from numerous locations. The community has entered the pre-launch phase, and plot rates are very reasonable.

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