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This Society is an upcoming residential venture to benefit the twin city’s residents and investors. Many renowned real estate firms have introduced new housing societies in the twin cities in the last couple of years. Islamabad’s beauty and safe environment help investors invest in the Capital city. Additionally, the developers of the Society are very famous and trustworthy. Chaudry Saad & Chaudry Qamar Zaman, the Society developer. First, they used to have a marketing company. Their marketing company benefits many new housing societies by delivering them excellent leads. This article will cover the detailed available information about Society.

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    New City Paradise Owner & Developers:

    The Society owners are Chaudry Saad & Chaudry Qamar Zaman. In addition, their New City Wah, which consists of two parts (New City Wah Phase 1 and 2), has been a substantial financial and operational success, further proving their competence. As a result, their prior Society is an exclusive, high-quality place to live that has fascinated the curiosity of prospective buyers and tenants. This residential project is the Third Phase of New City’s initiative.
    The developers have developed a new, high-quality neighbourhood with distinctive amenities to help buyers realize their ideal living arrangements close to the twin cities. Moreover, the builders promise to provide shareholders with excellent housing and business investment prospects. As a result, investing in this space at pre-launch prices is strongly advised and likely to yield good returns.

    New City Paradise NOC Status

    According to Society’s administration, the PHATA has authorized the Society NOC. DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022 is its official registration number. The administration and builders are making all efforts to satisfy the demands of the local authorities and secure any additional NOCs that may be necessary. The total land allowed for this housing community is four thousand two hundred and fifty-six kanals. Moreover, builders will find it unusual to grant new housing official status. Also essential for gaining the faith of potential purchasers and customers. Significantly, the worth of such investments and housing developments rises over time. Therefore, this investment scheme is lucrative in the long run.

    New City Paradise Location Map

    It converts into a highly well-regarded project with a great atmosphere among investors and real estate agents. It offers a refined way of life apart from the unrest and buzz of the city. Society extension also delivers one of the nearest entrance places to twin cities. The Blue World City Islamabad stands out among Pakistan’s other neighbourhoods by concurrently marketing a calm, quiet, and abundant living environment to its residents, unlike any other private initiative advertised.

    Accessible Sites

    • Society lies on G.T. Road
    • Few second’s drive from Burhan junction
    • Two minutes drive to Motorway Islamabad-Peshawar M1
    • Nine minutes by car to New City, Wah
    • Ten minutes drive from the Motorway Hazara
    • Fifteen minutes from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange
    • Eighteen minutes away from twin cities junction
    • Twenty minutes from the New Airport of Islamabad
    • Twenty-two minutes from Quaid Highway
    • Twenty-five minutes from the M2 Isb-Lhr Motorway
    • Thirty-six minutes from Thalian junction

    Neighbouring locality

    There are many famous cities and renowned localities surrounding this residential Society.

    • New wah city
    • Twin cities
    • Hasan Abdal
    • Wah cant
    • UET University Wah
    • Taxila city
    • HITECH University Taxila
    • Motorways M1 &M2
    • Burhan Interchange

    New City Paradise Masterplan


    A group of highly knowledgeable professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field has created Society’s master plan. The company are expert in city planning, designers, architects, and consultants. Nearly twenty thousand Kanal of land has needed for the Society’s grand plan, of which four thousand two hundred and fifty-six Kanal have already received initial approval. These facts about the homes throughout the residential Community are publicly known, but the master plan’s specifications will shortly be accessible to all shareholders. The housing facility ranges in this Society ranges from five marlas (25×50) and ten marlas (30×70). The bigger houses of one Kanal (50×90) have offered in the Society.

    New City Paradise Payment Plan


    The developers have decided to revise the payment plans of the Society. The Society had been contemplating a rate revision, and the latest plot rates have published in the middle of October 2022. The choice to increase prices have made by the administration in response to the country’s property market’s growing costs. The new and updated price arrangements have mentioned below. For more updates and queries, contact Meta Marketing

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    Payment Plan for 5 Marlas

    The new rate of the five Marlas plots is 1,975,000 Rs. In addition, the management has added 125,000/- PKR to the payment plans. So now both booking and confirmation cost is PKR  230,000/-The monthly thirty-six instalment will be RS 21,500/-. In addition, four half-yearly instalments are PKR 75,250/-. The balloting and allotment cost are 220,000/- Pakistani rupees each.

    Payment Plan for 10 Marlas

    The new rate of the ten Marlas plots is 3,700,000 Rs. In addition, the management has added 150,000/- PKR to the payment plans. So now both booking and confirmation cost is PKR 443,750/-The monthly thirty-six instalment will be RS 41,000/-. In addition, four half-yearly instalments are PKR 134,125/-. The balloting and allotment cost are 400,000/- Pakistani rupees each.

    Payment Plan 1 Kanal

    The new rate of the one Kanal plot is 7,000,000Rs. In addition, the management has added 250,000/- PKR to the payment plans. So now both booking and confirmation cost is PKR 843,750/-The monthly thirty-six instalment will be RS 78,125/-. In addition, four half-yearly instalments are PKR 350,000/-. The balloting and allotment cost are 550,000/- Pakistani rupees each.

    New City Paradise Allotment Certificate

    The housing society has provided a new financial schedule that offers a diverse range of investments with significant earnings, according to the most recent information about the Society. We recommend that customers stay in touch with us at any moment for news regarding the Society Allotment Notification. The administration of the Society occasionally grants Allotment certificates/Letters for housing and industrial plots. In addition, ownership rules previously published for properties in the Society has amended and fully disclosed to appreciated clients.

    New City Paradise transfer process

    • NDC must be attached to the  transfer demand  
    • Certificate of  membership
    • Identity card photocopy
    • Passport-sized pictures
    • Statement of the buyer and seller
    • Agreement from the buyer
    • Power of Attorney  general

    New City Paradise Balotting Procedures

    There will be multiple stages to the Society voting process. Anyone can reach by phone at the Society contact line, which is available around the clock. In addition, anyone can find the plot voting outcomes on the website or contact Meta Marketing for more assistance.

    New City Paradise Plot Booking Process


    Anyone can book a plot on the Society. Moreover, download the form from the Society’s official website, fill it out carefully and add the following credentials.

    • New Passport size pictures
    • Photocopy of  national identity card or passport
    • photocopy of NICOP
    • Photocopy of the transaction receipt
    • Online payment slip screenshot

    New City Paradise Salient Features

    This new residential Society has been filled with unique features. Moreover, this housing venture is the ideal property for both the buyers and the residents. The most desirable property in this venture is New City Paradise 5 marlas plot. Some of the many amenities of this Society are as below.

    • Safe and quality Living Standards
    • Provision of necessary Utilities
    • Sustainable Residential Scheme
    • Surveillance Cameras
    • Business Zone
    • Parks and Playground
    • Gymnasium
    • Shopping Mall and Mart
    • Amazing Infrastructure
    • Spacious Green Belts
    • Water Filtration Plants
    • Academic Centers
    • Medical Centers
    • Masjid
    • Civic and Sport Center

    Amenities & Services

    The developers have offered many services and amenities in New City Paradise, which ensures its residents’ premium lifestyles.

    Sustainable Neighbourhood

    The residential complex will plant other trees to keep Society better, peaceful and natural. The developers are following global norms. Additionally, it will lessen environmental harm and contribute to reducing global warming. Due to all these considerations, this residential Community will be the ideal spot to buy and reside.

    Ability to provide Utilities

    All neighbourhood residents will have access to everything they want, notably a supply of gas, fresh and clean water and no load shedding of electricity. Additionally, all prospective inhabitants will access water filtration facilities near their residences. These elements together will produce a sense of viable and worthwhile investment.

    Amazing Master plan

    The Society’s architecture will be of peak quality, increasing its charm as a position to stay. Furthermore, this will promote huge advantages for daily requirements and community operations. But most significantly, the reliability of the infrastructure will also increase the financial value of the local business and housing projects. Additionally, it will emerge as an appropriate investment for overseas Pakistanis. In the neighbourhood, a variety of medical facilities are available. The healthcare centre will also be accessible, encouraging the fast and cost-effective therapy of ailments and other medical conditions. The learning facilities will also retain an international syllabus that will support in achieving the educational goals of all new residents.

    Profitable Investments

    The business properties offered in the neighbourhood will get public soon by the builders, but the location will boost business activities and raise business value here. Additionally, the charges will support establishing any private corporation per the shareholders’ demands and financial capabilities. Additionally, the beautiful architecture of the Society will support successful investment in the neighbourhood.

    Safe Environment

    This housing Society will be a reliable spot to dwell. Additionally, the fences will offer a safer and more tranquil housing investment. Further, shareholders will benefit from modern technical developments like facial recognition software and Surveillance cameras that reach good livelihoods. Lastly, and most crucially, officers will establish peace in the neighbourhood.

    Pros & Cons

    This Society is the latest housing venture. It offers lots of conveniences for its residents, so obviously, Society has many pros to investing in it. Although maybe some visitors and investors may find something about Society odd.


    • Sustainable Neighbourhood
    • Gated and safe Community
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Academic Centers
    • Perfect Placement
    • Water Filtration Plants
    • Civic and Sports Centers
    • Business District
    • Parks & Playgrounds
    • Masjids
    • Cemetery


    • Assumption of high prices
    • The supposition of Society being too far from the city

    Development Work

    Remarkably, construction on Society has already begun, and the administration has cleared a large portion of the site for building. Rapid construction is taking place on the remaining land. Among the several rapid-construction projects planned for the neighbourhood are

    • Masjids
    • Top-notch Villas
    • Park and Recreational Areas
    • Link Highways
    • Property Cuttings
    • Solar Street Panels
    • Smart Dwelling
    • Main Boulevard
    • Functioning Tube Wells
    • Site Office

    Latest Updates

    The development of the project has started in full swing. The developer has started working on the Land excavation and levelling. Defining the road is also begun. The developers have estimated that the construction will be completed within the year, and the procedure for plotting will start.

    If someone wants to participate in the balloting process, they must pay fifty per cent of the total amount in a deposit. The property file will have given to the owner a month after the completion of payments. In addition, the developers have decided to include development charges in the payment plans. So there will be no additional charges above the payment plans. The Society will have well-known and branded shops with better and more lavish amenities than the previous projects. Premium brands and investment opportunities are available for the Society residents.

    Why invest in New City Paradise?

    All stakeholders will benefit financially from their investment in this housing scheme. Additionally, the makers have thrilled to deliver a wonderful living place to every consumer at incredibly inexpensive rates. Moreover, all premium and vital goods will be accessible and manageable in the Community. The builder also provides a legitimate residential venture to increase the investment’s future value. This Society is a unique communal area that is modern and lawful, unlike other housing developments that rely on NOC permission. All of those characteristics raise this domestic endeavour’s worth and economic potential.


    All tenants will soon enter New City Paradise, delivering them with one of its maximum livelihoods and market opportunities. This investment is viable and worthwhile because Chaudry Saad and Qamar Zaman are well-known and reliable builders. The land will also be a great spot with many necessary entry points. Given the starting price range, it is a legitimate housing endeavour with a highly affordable cost that will assist in creating a sustainable and beneficial investment. The homes offered here will, meanwhile, soon become known and will meet the housing demands of both future investors and residents. And finally, Meta Marketing will support the development of the optimal venture in this Society.


    Q1: What is Unique about this Society?

    A1: Society is a multifunctional venture created to supply inhabitants with a low price of distinctive world-class amenities. Its innovation has gotten the full consideration of specialists, designers, and other company employees with a wealth of knowledge.

    Q2: What are the central access points of Society?

    A2: The Society has two central access points: ISB-Peshawar Motorway M1 and G.T. Route.

    Q3: Who is the Creator of the Society?

    A4: The PHATA has authorized the NOC of the New City Paradise.

    Q4: Is this Society Lawful?

    A4: Plot acquisition has anticipated in three to four years. Because of the early construction, the management decided to give properties in phase 1 of the community will be given ownership first.

    Q5: How can customers get information about Society?

    A5: Meta Marketing will guide their customers about Society and assist them in making lucrative investments here.