Popular Housing Societies in the Twin Cities


In the last few years, the twin cities have seen development in the real estate sector. Due to the new urbanization trends, the cities have become overcrowded, and the need for contemporary gated and affordable societies has dramatically increased. As a result, many renowned and trustworthy builders have come across and built modern and Smart housing societies. The developers aim to provide luxury dwellings at affordable pricing. Most of them are successful in providing these facilities. In addition, twin cities are the hotspot for property investment as they will give the best return. The details of some of the most popular affordable housing societies in twin cities will discuss in this blog.

Blue world City Islamabad

Blue World City Housing Society is a prestigious housing development in twin cities. The Society has formed with the assistance of the famous Chinese company Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Firm, and it is the primary initiative of the BGC. Even yet, following four to five years, the Society keeps its pricing the same and has become one of the neighbourhood’s best-known residential developments. Therefore, this housing project is a superb option for investors primarily interested in long-term investment returns.


The residential community has situated in the twin cities’ newest residential area. From all the latest dwelling initiatives in the twin cities, this Society is very strategic as it is very close to the proposed Ring road. This link will close this Society to every important site of the twin cities. The Society is approachable from the various sites

  • M2 Isb-Lhr Motorway
  • CPEC route
  • Adiala Highway
  • Expressway Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Grand trunk Road

Legal Society

The great thing about this Society is that it is a legitimate Society, which gives its residents a sense of security. The RDA first approved the Blue World City Islamabad NOC of four hundred and twenty-seven Kanal in 2018. But additional five thousand Kanal of land was cleared by the RDA in 2021. So, investors can invest in this Society without hesitation as Society is lawful.

Master Plan

The master plan comprises the essentials and the necessities for the occupant, including the finest healthcare centres, top-notch education zone, the best commercial hub for better business opportunities and many more. The developers have separated Society into magnificent Blocks with distinctive and impressive features.

  • Overseas Block
  • General Block
  • Waterfront Block
  • Executive Block
  • Orbital Apartments
  • Awami Complex
  • Sports Valley Block
  • Hollywood Block

Residential Plots in Blue World City

  • Five Marlas
  • Eight Marlas
  • Ten Marlas
  • Twelve Marlas
  • Sixteen Marlas
  • One Kanal
  • Two Kanal

Commercial Plots in Blue World City

  • Five Marlas
  • Eight Marlas

Farmhouses Plots in Blue World City

  • Two Kanal
  • Four Kanal
  • Eight Kanal

Prices in Blue World City

The Society is famous for its affordable pricing. The owners of the Society have also established the Awami Block to help the customers. The four-and-a-half marlas plot price is PKR 875,000/- and the five marlas plot price is PKR 900,000/- to 1,200,000/- depending on the facilities and the Block. In addition, the management has also provided forty easy instalments and eight bi-annual instalments.

Uniques Features

  • Imitation of Blue Mosque
  • Hotel Torch
  • Five-star hotels
  • Mall Villagio
  • Floating eateries
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Commercial hub
  • Medical and academic  Zones
  • Provision of basic
  • Water themed park
  • Largest horse mascot
  • Largest circket stadium
  • Fitness areas
  • Parks and Recreational sites
  • Secured gated community

Capital Smart City

The Pakistani capital’s smart city is well known for having a luxurious level of living. The gated community is Islamabad’s first neighbourhood of its kind. However, construction is progressing slowly right now. The developers have included Grade 8 renovations in CSC Islamabad, among the nation’s oldest housing developments. In addition, this Society will meet the residents’ hopes for the future. The Pakistani property firms of FDHL,  HRL, and  Singaporean firm famous for designers Surbana Jurong have the master planner of Society. Both of the developers are renowned in the property industry of Pakistan.


The Society lies in the Rawalpindi district. Society lies near the renowned property construction companies that have established all the latest Societies. In addition, the Society has access to various landmarks.

  • Thalian junction
  • Islamabad-Lahore M2 Motorway
  • Chakri Road
  • National Highway
  • Ring road Rawalpindi

Lawful Society

The RDA has approved the Society NOC. So this Society is legal, and investors can invest here without worry. This neighbourhood provides great deals and a peaceful lifestyle.

Master Plan

The masterplan of the Society consists of all the elementary and comfortable facilities. The Society has covered a total of fifteen thousand of land. In addition, the developers of Society have divided the layout into many stunning Blocks. It will give the customers Various options according to their budgets. The blocks of Society are

  • General Block
  • Overseas  Block
  • Harmony Park
  • Holiday Parks
  • China Village
  • Aviation Village
  • Educational & Healthcare District
  • Hills Vista
  • Business  Square
  • Lake-view Terrace

Residential Plots in CSC

  • Five marlas
  • Seven marlas
  • Ten Marlas
  • Twelve marlas
  • One Kanal
  • Two Kanal

Prices in CSC

The Society offers a reasonable plot to their customers with feasible instalment plans. The five marlas plots’ total amount ranges from twenty to twenty-five lacs with easy instalments.

Unique Features

  • Sustainable City
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy Access to Metro bus
  • Constant availability of Water, gas & electricity
  • Motels, Grocery shopping, and Sports facilities
  • Smart and contemporary layout
  • Top-notch infrastructure
  • Masjids, recreational areas, lakes
  • Eighteen-Hole Golf Course
  • Hotels & Resorts Moven Pick

Faisal Town II

Zedem International Pvt . ltd. created the finest project, Faisal Town II in Islamabad,  on the Rawalpindi-Kohat Road. The owner of the firm is Mr Abdul Majeed.  His efforts were significant in the creation of this remarkable achievement. The property, which spans a vast parcel of land, is split into 3 main Sections A, B, and C. The organization is selling 1,842 different-sized housing units and Thirty business plots.


The location of the Society is perfect for the capital city’s inhabitants. The Society is approachable from the number of sites of twin cities like

  • Rawalpindi-Kohat Road
  • Srinagar highway
  • Twin cities interchange
  • M1 Motorway
  • M2 Motorway

Approved NOC

This Society has also got authorization from the appropriate authorities. As a result, the RDA has authorized the Faisal Town II NOC. Moreover, investors can confidently sell and purchase properties in this Society.

Master Plan

The highly competent group of professionals has designed the Society’s grand plan. To assure public investment that reflects quality, proprietors and builders closely collaborate on the ground. Society has divided into three main Block

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C

Residential Plots in Faisal town

  • Five Marlas
  • Eight Marlas
  • Ten Marlas
  • Fourteen Marlas
  • One Kanal

Prices in Faisal town

It is a whole society that ranks among the best societies for inexpensive housing. The prices of the Society range from between PKR 3 to 3.5 million with easy instalments.

Uniques Features

  • Shopping Centres
  • Franchise of the famous coffee shop Gloria Jean’s
  • Affordable Prices
  • Easily Approachable
  • Constant Security
  • Water Resources
  • Eco-friendly community
  • Beautiful  grand Entrance
  • Campus Supernova School
  • Rapid Quality Development
  • Provision of Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Sewerage and garbage Disposal System
  • World-class Architecture Development

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City residential development by Vision Group in the central area of  Islamabad’s zone IV. The gated community has a grand blvd that is four hundred feet wide and provides immediate access from the expressway into the Society.


The Society lies in Islamabad and has strategically connected to all sites of the twin cities. Anyone can access the Society from

  • Bahria Enclave
  • Lehtrar Road
  • Kurri road
  • Chak Shahzad
  • Srinagar highway

NOC Status

The CDA has approved the Park View City Islamabad NOC. the Society is legitimate and serves the best and most lucrative property investment deals.

Master Plan

The Society has spread over seven thousand Kanal of territory with many housing and commercial buildings, appealing to all social mores. Society has broken up into various alphabetic blocks of residential and business partnerships. In the most recent voting event on Society’s grounds, management introduced an expansion block “J” in the community.

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F

Residential And Commercial Plots In Park View

  • Residential properties range from three and a half, five, eight, ten marlas and one and two Kanal
  • Commercial properties range from two, four, six and eight Kanal

Prices  in Park View City

Due to its setting, this will be more costly than other freshly developed schemes, yet it has still listed among the lowest-priced housing societies. The typical price for a five-marla land is between 40 and 45 lac.

Uniques Features

  • Constant Supply of Power, Gas and freshwater
  • Garbage disposal system
  • Constant Surveillance, officers and Movement censors
  •  Playgrounds and Recreational Areas
  • Shopping Centres, cafes and Leisure centres
  • Sports club
  • Medical and Educational Facilities

Multi Gardens Phase 2

MPCHS, a Pakistan-based organization that develops real estate, has completed numerous projects successfully, most notably Multi Gardens B-17.  Multi Gardens II has already caused a stir in the dual cities’ real estate market thanks to its excellent asset classes. As a result, buyers are eager to invest in this housing building from all over the nation.


From the metroplex, it is straightforward to go to the destination. Additionally, it is ideal for people who wish to live their life distinct from the chaos of significant cities near nature.

  • Chakri Road
  • Thalian junction
  • Girja Road
  • Twin cities interchange
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • M2 Motorway

NOC Status

The Society has not approved yet. But the developers of the Society work effortlessly to get approval from the appropriate authorities. In addition, it has expected that soon the NOC of the Society will get approved.

Master Plan

The Multi Gardens Phase 2 design will have created per modern requirements to preserve a tranquil and abundant life. To create a superb master plan for MPCHS Phase 2, a group of technical professionals, comprising designers, urban planners, and developers, is actively at work.

Residential Plots in MPCHS

  • 5.56-Marlas
  • 8-Marlas
  • 10.9-Marlas
  • 14.22-Marlas
  • 1-Kanal
  • 2-Kanal

Commercial Plots In MPCHS

  • 5-Marla
  • 8-Marlas
  • 10-Marlas
  • 1-Kanal

Prices in MPCHS

The down payment for the 5-Marla housing land is PKR 580,000, with the total cost being PKR 3,080,000. The remaining sum is  PKR 125,000, due in twenty quarterly instalments.

Unique Features

  • A secured neighbourhood with security
  • Lights and palm palms decorate the spacious roads and main thoroughfare.
  • Plenty of space is set aside for gardens, playgrounds, and greenery
  • Separate housing neighbourhoods with a sector Masjid, school, and market
  • Mega business companies, the Jamia Masjid, colleges, clinics, and a cemetery, have designated areas.

Eighteen Islamabad

A substantial housing development in twin cities is called Eighteen Islamabad. It is a well-planned development with Pakistan’s finest living standards. The project will offer first-rate amenities, cutting-edge construction, and an opulent setting. Magnificent villas and magnificent flats make up this masterfully designed housing development. These have stunning designs and beautiful amenities. They are luxurious, fashionable, and classy.


Another town’s earliest housing society, University Town, is adjacent to the development. The position is superb since it provides easy accessibility to the Srinagar Highway. The community has entry to different sites

  • Srinagar Highway
  • B17-sector
  • GT Road
  • Taj Residencia
  • Top City

Authorized Society

The RDA has accepted the NOC of the Society. Therefore, the relevant authorities fully legalized the seven hundred acres of land.

Master Plan

This unique project will occupy 2.7 million sq yards of space. The design includes commercial plots, more than nine hundred apartment units, thousand and sixty-eight villas of different sizes, and two thousand residential units to cater to the high and poorer classes of Society. Modern conveniences and beautiful, green open space surround these stylish villas and flats. In addition, eighteen Islamabad offers magnificent clubs, clinics, five-star restaurants, upscale shops, and business centres.

Plots in Society

  • Ten-Marlas
  • One-Kanal
  • Two-Kanal
  • Four-Kanal
  • Eight-Kanal

Prices In Society

The Society is not very affordable as it offers big plots. Still, comparatively, the amenities and facilities, this is a very reasonable Society. For example, the ten marlas plots are priced at PKR thirty to thirty-five million.

Unique Features

  • Broad Roads Network
  • World Class Features
  • Magnificent Villas and Apartments
  • Leading campuses of Schools & Collages
  • Jamia Mosque
  •  Shopping Malls
  • Commercial zone
  • World-Class medical centre


There are various housing development in twin cities due to urbanization. There is much development in property investment; some are legal, and some are not. Investing in the legal Society, which provides the best returns on investments, is imperative. All the mentioned above Societies are affordable and safe for investment. Lastly, contact Meta Marketing for more information.

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