Prism Town Gujar Khan

First PHATA Approved Society


A magnificent gated project called Prism Town Gujar Khan offers its inhabitants the best conveniences for leading peaceful and relaxing lives. Additionally, it provides a range of residential site sizes for the buyers to choose from, according to their requirements, finances, and tastes. A well-planned home community to offer abundant living at a reasonable price is this Society in Gujar Khan. Various alternative investments are available through the project due to residential properties measuring 5, 10, marlas and 1 Kanal. The proprietors have incorporated all the opulent facilities into the Society’s grand design to make it one of Pakistan’s top residential properties.

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    Prism Town Owners and Developers

    The Prism Town Gujjar Khan Owner and developer is Mr Masood ul Hassan the firm’s full name is Prism Developer & Builders, and this is the company behind the beautiful project. The development company has spent nearly two decades working primarily with significant real estate projects like Bahria Town and DHA, the big name in the real estate industry. Prism Developers has founded to create a construction business that would help customers, architects, and property investment owners see and forecast their initiatives’ outcomes.
    The builders have turned the residential project into a special and lavish one by including a variety of properties, including housing, industrial, shopping centres, cutting-edge clinics, educational establishments, Masjids, petrol stations, pools, gymnasiums, salons, and cafes, successful one.

    Prism Town Gujar Khan NOC

    The development has PHATA approval and offers construction areas, including home and business properties. According to the  PHATA Memorandum, Number #1662, on 14 Sep 2022. The TMA has given its authorization for the Prism Town NOC. Therefore, the land in the Society is legitimate. Customers also have confidence in projects having genuine legal holding. The Prism Town owners are trying hard to get to know every requirement that drives the neighbourhood into a legal housing scheme.

    Prism Town Gujar Khan Location Map

    The Society location lies on Grand Trunk road in Gujar Khan. There is only a few min connecting this Society to the central city of Gujar Khan. It is the most excellent investment in Gujar Khan since it is close to numerous monuments. The resident quickly covered the distance between Gujar Khan and the twin cities. The Society location is only five minutes from Gujar Khan City.


    Moreover, the famous real estate housing development Bahria Town is only twelve minutes from Prism town Gujar Khan Location and Map. DHA and Sohawa City are fifteen minutes away from this magnificent Society. Additionally, the bid cities like Jhelum city are twenty minutes, and Islamabad City is twenty-five minutes from the Prism Town Gujar Khan Location Map.

    Accessible Sites

    • Six minutes from Sukho Road
    • Eight minutes from Jhanda Road
    • Nine minutes from Gulyana Road and Mandra-Chakwal Road

    Prism Town Gujar Khan Master Plan


    A group of professionals, comprising designers and urban planners, created the project scope. Prism Town Gujar Khan Master Plan will offer a range of more significant sites to meet the requirements of stockholders. Here, there will be properties within both the industrial and housing categories. Despite not being in the central city, the management has given all essentials to their inhabitants. A highly competent team of professionals operates the whole day to provide it to the prestigious owners at the scheduled time. It includes all critical and magnificent indulgences designed to meet global standards. The Society offers both the business and the housing plot classifications. The Society’s administration has now planned that the commercial properties for sale will range from two to four marlas, and the housing properties’ dimensions will be five and ten marlas. Some properties are slightly bigger ranging from one Kanal. But, most of the Prism Town Gujar Khan 5 marlas plots are famous due to their uniqueness. Moreover, many beautiful other Prism Town Gujar khan plots for sale. The management of the Society has listed properties for sale in Prism town Gujar Khan on their authorized website.

    Prism Town Gujar Khan Payment Plan

    The characteristics of this Housing Scheme are that Prism town Payment Plan seems affordable and practical, allowing buyers from all walks of life to put more money well without having to dig deep into their wallets. Prism Town Gujar Khan’s payment plan has a flexible payment schedule and an economic instalment plan. Buyers can reserve their plots in this Society by contacting the official administration. The deposit is a need to begin the investing, though.


    The five marlas plots’ total price is 2,050,000/ PKR. With a downpayment of 400,000 PKR. Additionally, the plot confirmation fee is 400,000/- PKR. For the aid of the buyers, there are 30 monthly instalments of 41,600/-PKR.

    The ten marlas full plot price range is 3,850,000/- Pakistani rupees. The initiation deposit will be 650,000/- PKR. The confirmation fee will be RS 800,000. Moreover, there are thirty easy instalments of monthly 80,000/-PKR.

    The 1 Kanal whole plot price range is 7,200,000/- Pakistani rupees. The initiation deposit will be 1,050,000/- PKR. The confirmation fee will be RS 1,200,000. Moreover, there are thirty easy instalments of monthly 165,000/-PKR.

    Development Status

    Society’s development will soon get underway. But first, there must be roads so potential tenants and buyers can visit the housing project. Then, the builders will plant more plants to make the community more ecologically pleasant. Additionally, the design process will include using worldwide city development principles. And less garbage will be produced when civilization develops as a result. As a result, people will enjoy a quality and long-term way of living. The accommodation expansion is still in its initial stages, making investing here affordable and exciting. Additionally, if the real estate market expands, consequently will the prices.

    Amenities and Services

    Prism Town Gujar Khan will offer exceptional and profitable accommodations to all residents of the Society. The top-notch services provided by Society are unmatched by any other residential society.

    Sustainable Environment

    Shareholders can enjoy the most extended, peaceful lives possible thanks to the environment. Additionally, the plantations will start to make the residential complex cleaner and lower the nation’s vulnerability to rising temperatures. More importantly, the builders will follow the local community’s global construction standards, increasing the appeal of living there and investing there.

    Investment Opportunity

    In the Society’s development phase, assets had offered in instalments. However, these properties will be easily accessible for money and earnings once the selling phase starts. Therefore, the potential to invest in Society is fantastic and will be very profitable. The production phase of the accommodation venture will begin. Furthermore, once the building gets underway, the dwelling project will offer convenience and services to investors. Another component is that every participant will assist in an environmentally friendly and green residential project that attempts to grow stuff in the area, making it attractive and durable for potential buyers.

    Safe Neighbourhood

    Other suburban neighbourhoods surround this Society, everyone feels comfortable, and the surroundings are serene. People who move there won’t be dissatisfied for that reason. Another essential factor that is non-negotiable when purchasing a home for a household is the current security crisis. It is crucial always to underline that if a location for investments lacks proper protection and safety measures, it has regarded as worthless.

    This Society has decided to upgrade the security of the housing society’s technology by installing advanced monitoring and safety protocols. To provide assurance, they have hired a special security officer and deployed monitors every time.

    Provision of Essentials

    Essential utilities, including electricity, gas, and freshwater, are currently lacking in various national areas. Any home’s main objective is to ensure that the living arrangements offer these basic conveniences. Every person living in that area gets 24/7 access to these goods and amenities. However, living a perfect life entails more than simply providing for your basic needs. It involves having your interests as well. Society will make this home project a reality. In this Society, everyone has access to every item and facility, from the bare minimum to high-end amenities and items. Anyone looking to buy the best house for their needs must consider whether the neighbourhood is near reputed medical facilities and educational facilities. This Society promises to create a suitable scholastic city and a distinctive treatment region for the comfort of locals and visitors to ensure the provision of educational facilities and medical centres.

    Why invest in Prism Town Gujar Khan?

    In Gujar Khan, the developers of Prism Town Gujar Khan have constructed this residential project to promote the beautiful city. Additionally, the builders are eager to provide everyone with exceptional living conditions. Additionally, the area is close to the downtown centre, making it the most attractive choice. Prices also demonstrate whether an investment is rational. A payment schedule will also make the whole process affordable.

    Additionally, amenities and characteristics promote a profitable and long-lasting way of life. The people would have access to all necessary luxury goods, which is the most crucial aspect. Last, the expenditure at this pre-launched phase has now become feasible.

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    • Top-Notch Architecture
    • Secured neighbourhood
    • Sustainable Society
    • Constant Provision of Essential
    • Business Hub
    • Parking Space
    • Shopping Mall
    • Grand Mosque
    • Parks, Playgrounds
    • Reasonable Assets
    • Strategic Placement
    • Drainage System


    • Assumption of unaffordable properties

    Prism Town Gujar Khan Plot Booking Process

    Prism Town Gujar Khan Plot Booking Process
    • Fill out the registration form.
    • 2 Photocopies of CNIC
    • Pay the deposit fee through paychecks or inter-banking and get a receipt or a copy of the payment.
    • Attach all things and submit them online or directly to the administration of Prism Town Gujar Khan, and the tokens have generated in the applicant’s name.


    The best amenities are available to investors and potential residents at Prism Town Gujar Khan. Additionally, Prism Estate & Developers are developing this distinctive real estate venture. Additionally, they want to design a home that would include all the amenities needed for a sustainable way of life. Further, the location and costs may be the fascinating aspects that draw residents from all surrounding areas. Additionally, the monthly plan is available, guaranteeing an easy purchasing experience. Most significantly, a firm’s establishment will choose a top-notch structure and affordable rates. 

    For more detail and queries about the development, contact Meta Marketing.


    Q1: Who constructed this beautiful home development?

    A1: Prism Estate & Builders has built this spectacular real estate development.

    Q2:What sets Prism Town Gujar Khan apart from other residential ventures, or how?

    A2: Prism Town Gujar Khan is a multifunctional project initiated to provide inhabitants with distinctive world-class amenities at a reasonable price. Its concept has gotten the full consideration of builders, designers, and an additional workforce with a lot of experience.

    Q3: Is this residential Society a relatively valued property venture?

    A3: Due to the straightforward, simple instalment plans, affordability is not a concern. The administration has keen to make a balance between budget and magnificence.

    Q4: Is it worthwhile to put in this Society?

    A4: Prism Town is undoubtedly the best chance to make money in Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi District and nearby areas.

    Q5: Are there favourable comprehensive evaluations of this Society?

    A5: Yes, buyers are satisfied and give excellent feedback on Prism Town Gujar Khan.